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  1. Eric Pompa says:

    what's the name of that song that says lol lol lol

  2. Tina Webb says:

    Thank you very much I will watch later xXx

  3. John Smith says:

    As a mature member of Elder Society I truly believe Anonymous and the troll individuals have been created by The Shadow World Govt oppression and greed and murder of the human population.
    The CORRECT RESOLUTION is to educate the public on birth control and gay issues so that death by natural attrition comes into play in reducing population explosion.
    The Muslim leaders should join this educational stance to reduce their out of proportion birth rate within their belief system.
    Its all about education-Bullets do not work.You only create more anarchy and eventually the Elite will fail and fall. Its not rocket science. T H I N K !
    The Elite THINK TANK must be inbred.

  4. as soon as censorship is firmly established-usefulness of internet is finished. It is that simple. Who are the censors? Parents of hackers, to be sure. the whole thing is rigged.

  5. Jeromy people stare towards the heavens and express their love

  6. MrWarDrome says:

    pls help anonymous by spreading these words around, i dont care if you believe it, just spread it, it is my last will.

    Forgive and you slavedriver behind the mask of anonymous, i will stop
    your evil doings from today, it is time you give your race the change to
    choose there own paths rather then following yours.
    this race has so much to learn about there soul wich you now call dna,
    so many tries our race you now believe as god and the devil has attemted
    it is time your race grows up, the next war this planet will have is
    its last, our race, the ones you call god and the devil and the other
    angels you have met of our race. will not stand for more bloodshed, we
    will completly destroy your planet if you wage one more war.
    the best
    way to stop all wars, is to make a stand, all countrys with voting
    rights, make your vote null, and add that you want to vote on the laws
    themselfs. it will spark a chainreaction in the rich and power that we
    are done with there opression world wide. make a true stand against the
    slavery that still exsist today.. be more communistic in way's of money,
    and offcourse we all understand a dokter should earn more then someone
    in the supermarket, but that much more ? make it against the law to be
    richer then what one actually needs, it will save you from overproducing
    and enables us all to make sure all life can become more sustained
    not murder do not steal and do not go against the free will of another
    living beeing. if not our race is doomed to destroy ourselfs just like
    the mayans or the astecs or what ever civilisation we have build before.
    work as a world and not as a country, stop believe in your slavedrivers
    country and believe in your world. we can solve all our problems if we
    only take a stand and work together.

    PLS pass this on, i
    personally dont care anylonger i rather die standing on my feet as a
    free human, then to live and crawl on my knees as a slave.

    p.s also reffer the mark a milley disclosure video…if you want a little more proof that backs up my story, tough believe what you will just help please

  7. Dont Care says:

    I have a question, how do hackers get money, like do they actually have jobs?

  8. 52:10 Jack White after putting down the guitar and picking up Big Macs

  9. guy 535353 says:

    this probably cost like 500k big ones

  10. How do I become apart of this group

  11. Alex Tun says:

    I didnt know about annoynomus till i saw them declare war againts donald trump i hate him

  12. if your being watched through your webcam get naked and fuck with the goverment

  13. go anonymous!!!!! u are heroes!!! hack and destroy all satanic crazy trash on the planet!!!! hack clinton and trump!!!!
    vote for bernie sanders!!!! he is good wise christian man!!!! trump and clinton are crazy satanic trash

  14. BONER Apple says:

    only one thing to say when it said U.S. Army it showed Marines

  15. Bend 2015/16 says:

    i have a macbook and want to know how the system works and how to write some Programms ,does anybody now which is a good book?

  16. SUBZERO, subu is ranchey, ignorant obnoxiously sleezy. This ANON member makes me think less. Aaron Swartz is so cool. What are you doing but embarrassing yourselves? So much for writing in on the ballot 2016 for ANONYMOUS.

  17. What's the name of the dubstep song at 51:20 ?

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