Anonymous Warning -world war 3


annonymous is correct in its prediction that ww3 is being pushed by washington, specificaly the the corrupted banking system that has its root in the fed. they …


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  1. lesley poole says:

    no one get a arab royal to try and kick lesley face in and show  prince William in hologram work as well crime she have health face looked at as other have greed and lifes

  2. lesley poole says:

    they show prince Arab and uk show hologram pills drink scar face with mind control crimes

  3. lesley poole says:

    no one show hologram work keep lesley the same clothes year in out and say older younger with voice control and hit face celebritys jonny depp

  4. lesley poole says:

    show cock sex show women celebritys face age 48 years old from part uk usa face clear skin neck firm

  5. lesley poole says:

    no one hit skin and say older younger and hit knee sand when lesley walk and other drive car she no joke and is a gods all mighty look down  a super top top top royal decent and is  and her hair her own long thick all over thick as dont show prince William in hologram form queen and other and is secret service arm skin firm and body ok as celebrity are in uk and USA and peace love to all races and long life and great eye sight to the man who love human lesley be ok and even her eye sight  you dont wo where the same and see other bye clothes and sun tan and face clear great as to ley hair on top front thick all over ok London riches uk  her neck firm at the front like you have other royal control back offlesley a royal her self and mean it this will stay on youtube as to the truth and she see lawyers in usa

  6. lesley poole says:

    hit lesley face show scars and show other women skin you want the royal m16 with others and stoke croft and network shop show Madonna and Arab and hit face there good roth childs out there on lesley side you said face cleasr hair great thick all over long stop hologram of people class case they show older people skin you said royal queen got loved one lesley age face clear great neck and long thick hair and arm skin royal uk the m16 wanted for crimes as to mind control prince william would not be silly not to a gree

  7. lesley poole says:

    as youtube got great top top top top s scientific recording and get the truth uk the monarchy wanted lesley face clear uk royal prince you went to Jamaica  lesley health be ok and she make it stop showing royal prince class case for lesley and hit her face with control andarab and madoona in hologram form as to look like real human and hide it from other when they like

  8. lesley poole says:

    as i been to doctors give me eletrics shock on my arm as you know lesley is going to usa as gods look down as well as on websight you hve a bible as well gret photo copys ok to scientifcs youtube as you have to as to people lifes on there rich or poor as you said is a crime stpuls ok nd to hologram princes a round and show dress as to royal and blank there faces out some times as well there is top rmy out there and other rothchilds will no have such torcher on a women and leave her face body a lone flesh ok monarchy as i got paper wokk saying this with your face on

  9. lesley poole says:

    no one hologram white powderer and Arab and other's lesley make it with super tops a bove all as to health mind body ok dont show zzz and writing say dream and so on after prince will and Arab   why show a women and say Latin as lesley young and face skin neck body flesh left a lone ok royal prince as well her blood pressure up as to hit evil will be found and who every worked with them as to keep there life health ages  arab lesley make it as you have and her health be ok cancer clear and she get fitter after the a abuse as to hologram work voice control and electrics  as to control and keep her a wake as to torcher with light as to see as they did in mental hospital years a go be for lesley was born  as said royal lesley skin neck firm she need new clothes some where nice to call home no rehab health farm other left a lone and nice holidays free life some have well great health cut down on illhealth and free hospices as to mind control crime and more ok as to crime control

  10. lesley poole says:

    they don't hologram there self hit Lesley face as it stay clear as other are from the London palace UK they show nothing to do with Lesley and show royal aliens as to white curly hair no face and dress on and show skin neck face and drink and smoking as there all race of people in the world and not all been to the London palace and don't hit bone skull face arm leg body as to electrics shocks when bleeding as a women do and show drink    have respect to china as said hair thick all over as to Lesley and her long hair to hers prince William and other stop hologram ing them other scientist for this be found long life to Lesley like million of other people to all races world wide one love she need bless cream on top lip skin no hit and show others as china say as to a big place it is have respect and Lesley hair long thick on top all over as baby do as there is great scientist out there on Lesley side as to even great ones in USA as to even Rothschild

  11. lesley poole says:

    as said royal don't control Lesley as to skin body neck arm leg face hair as tops USA china say hair thick all over long and show drink to drink Scottish whiskey lesley face clear body is and arm ok other riches love clothes and show off and in USA mags

  12. lesley poole says:

    Lesley benefits welfare money she get still  as others do and other lies to get she as not

  13. lesley poole says:

    as you know this now as nothing to do with arab  ok now as lesley only ten years older then the prince lesley is still young jonny depp feels young is wife all most 25 years younger ok for a man well lesley face left a lone body will heal and she make it every one with love x

  14. lesley poole says:

    wants my own life not every body is mean xx peace

  15. lesley poole says:

    peace lesley want to be left a lone now rest and move on and out of janeabott older flat  xx

  16. lesley poole says:

    hello as you know the real truth as to royal as web sight say and history they hit lesley face bone show kate neck say older youger face done you say cunt leave her face body a lone and show in sight to top of her head you say cunt leave her a lone or usa or china pull in and face you will not know whio is who prepect china ok as there a lot of history and truth ok now royal leave lesley a lone and prince william and jade she lesley lovrd one ok you went to ajaxs dont fuck all

  17. Bruce Wayne says:

    3:15 Do you think we even stand a chance? If so, how?  It's hard for a sheep to turn into a wolf just because its attacked. And the enemy here is well trained, equiped and 'hunts' using chemical weapons. These quys dont kill one by one like at USA campus shootings… Mass destruction is their professional expertise. These guys employ the brightest minds with the least remorse. If we think firearm killings is what will be the nature of the attacks to fear then we are far from the truth. It will happen quickly. It will happen quietly and no one will be left to demand justice. (imho). Firearms killings is just to get media attention. There are better much more efficient ways to kill these days.

  18. lesley poole says:

    Hello stop hitting Lesley neck with tortue as Lesley still a young women arab Kurt depp ok and they met her

  19. lesley poole says:

    hello Lesley keep her benefits and some add on ok and will see usa as you said and mean it as to gods as i got prove i am a real royal as said see usa when things sorted out ok need food clothes and keep war face unhurt and so on i make it and gade and her mother happy Christmas and new year

  20. lesley poole says:

    Lesley make it body mind ok it's been he'll had brain scan all clear after car hit her to the floor ok peace ok hips ok legs but was black and blue peace Lesley. Will heal ok face was black and blue she will make it gods x

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