Anonymous – Why Is Obama Threatening Russia With World War 3?


Anonymous Updates presents to you a video named ‘Why is Obama threatening Russia with world war 3, right before the presidential election?’ — JOIN US …


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  1. hey get ready for more false flags, more cops dying for no reason, more gorilla warfare from your own state govnment..more bs to distract from Hillarys crash. betcha they suicide wiener in rehab. OR they jfk Trump. more death more random crime more BS. Obama postpones election. holds office until Hillarys in the tank. wait and see…

  2. Joseph Guy says:

    Lots of accusations yet no citing of sources. Anonymous is smarter than that.

  3. Jami Ross says:

    Very well put together, all true and now that they have everyone in debt, up to their eye ball's, they want to finish us off with another illegal war!

    But, this time they are really going to cook the Golden Goose, the American people, as Russia is ready for war!

    Some sick bastardisation of our entire government structure!

    They robbed the Social Security Trust fund to tune of 4 trillion, they stole the entire wealth of at least one generation, and now they want us dead!

  4. Obama and Hillary admitted that they created and funded isis, so we are funding to fight are selves, that's backwards,  why don't they arrest them both, the constitution no longer exist, congress has been taken over by globalist/ n.w.o …

  5. well there's that eight billion dollars the government cant find lol

  6. I have no idea Obama has also committed genocide on the american people this year too.

  7. I love that last part total recall. Lmfao that was true but hilarious.

  8. Fantastic idea! Maybe we should also require a physical examination, a psychological examination, and a drug test. All results to be made public. Whaddayathink?

  9. Cam Alft says:

    it makes obama a war criminal as well as a coward and a tyrant………

  10. Mark Greeman says:

    Absolutely right! The people killed in terror attacks didn't shook Michelle Obama to the core… The people killed in Iraq and Syria didn't shook Michelle Obama to the core… she is a hypocrite. To think that a few years ago, she (Michelle Obama) also vicious attacked Hillary and now they are best friends?! Such a hypocrite.

  11. Genghis Su says:

    Fucking cheeky bastards bring it on ……….. you fucking Colonial bastards do not tell anyone what to do and if you even try this shit no American or American business will be safe where ever in the world they will be, just like the SPOILED BRAT America thinks it will continue to do whatever the fuck it wants to anyone on this planet, I can tell you this….. the majority of this planet hate you CUNTS and will fight you to the last man……….. a fucking Curse on you all……….. die you arrogant Colonial Bastards.

  12. bmf0003 says:

    if you share the ideals proselytized by anonymous then take the time to actually look at this situation in its entirety unadulturated by personal agenda. do it yourself. if this is the first time you've encountered any of these clips you'll likely develop a negative perspective, which is clearly the goal here. to selectively pick clips of altogether different hearings for altogether different purposes and compose them this way is rather shallow. mind you this is coming from a person asking the same questions and shares the same concerns. so screw this dishonest video – this kind of shameless cherry-picking damages the credibility of legitimate concern. watch the actual 'no-fly zone' hearing for yourself and draw conclusions for yourself. don't let the left or the right – don't let anonymous or anyone else tell you how to think. well, except for me because i'm telling you to think for yourself.

  13. tcbailey37 says:

    It's not Obama bin Laden, it's Nimrod Obama!

  14. Congress must defeat this

  15. Justin Stone says:

    Did he really say, "So with the additional steps that I ordered last month, we're speeding up training of ISIL forces." Did he just admit that he is training ISIL?

  16. mastman 23 says:


  17. Come Americans!! Obama has never cared for the US!!

  18. terrorism hmm the govt s of the world are the terrorist. and Isis belong to them.

  19. terrorism hmm the govt s of the world are the terrorist. and Isis belong to them.

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