Anonymous – World War III is on the Horizon


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  1. TheNewYouth says:

    history repeats its self it government arrogance that will end us all.

  2. Why does this make me cry omg

  3. This is a letter for peace

  4. I will love that no more deaths I want peace

  5. Urself the best anonomouse

  6. world war 3!!! wen was we atwar 4 1 an 2 henry 8??

  7. Hi Hi says:

    I'm from ukraine

  8. Im Fat says:

    Isis is gonna start World War 3, they own millions of dollar, they have military technology and soon they will start building a country with nuclear weapons and destruction

  9. I got a plan, we should do it old school hacking

  10. i agree with so much the anonymous says

  11. Kaiden S says:

    plz tell me how can I help

  12. Well less people = more work =better paychecks for other people. i think its win win situation

  13. Ben says:

    If we melted all our weapons and just asked our leaders to have a fair one and who ever lost has to sign agreed upon negotiations. We would be at peace. And i would love to see our world leaders fighting their own battles. Much better than mayweather and paqioao

  14. … We have to stop it from happening

  15. nicole burke says:

    bring it on this cesspit needs to burn

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