Anonymous – World War III – Update – 2017


Anonymous – World War III – Update (Part 2) 2017:

If you want to start a war, the unwashed masses must be convinced to send their brothers, sons and fathers to die on the front lines. The specter of an external enemy must be etched into their collective mind through trauma, exaggeration and repetition. History must be whitewashed, twisted and cherry picked down to a politicized nursery rhyme. At no point should the real motives or consequences of such an endeavor be discussed.
It stands to reason that if we want to STOP a war we must reverse this pattern.

Anonymous – World War III – Update (Part 2) 2017:



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  1. Dawn Berlitz says:

    ? I swear if ww3 breaks out before my time runs out I'll cut my own time short

  2. this world is so fucked up everyone is confused there is no love in this world no peace there is to much people in this wold who are selfish it's all fighting and killings people every that go's by is a better year it NEVER WILL GET BETTER EVER thay should have never made gungs in the 1st place why killings why the hate it's like they love the hate and war killings is the onlythng people love

  3. Illegal Russian book, taken from the print "My World"

  4. john smith says:

    "IF" WW3 happens it will be on American soil. Left vs right. It's no contest in that but is much more complex. Left vs right wouldn't last a couple months. The real issue is who backs what side trying to influence and weaken the US and be opportunist. The left already being communist and Marxist will invite a united Russia, china, North Korea and Iran influence. I don't think Russia or china is stupid enough to get directly involved as they both fear the armed citizen of the Us, but they will back Iran and NK making a proxy ww creating a global conflict as Europe will split half backing one side and half backing the other making them weak and inviting invasion from Russia. At this point things will escalate further and there will be massive nuclear launch globally. Starting from opposition forces whom are able to take control of several US installations and launch them against allies at the time (like Iran or NK force launching against Russia or China in attempt to increase personal power by weakening their ally and destroy US soil at same time) there are actual real sims to this that are played out annually and this is the only way the US is ever defeated in any conflict via AI simulations. It's not so much at this point a defeat of the US as it is a destruction of the entire world and population.

  5. All war must be conducted like a funeral,
    because many people are dying.

    –>Lao Tsu

  6. Anonymous are not relevent, a bunch of sjw commies with some level of computer skills. Most of them are prolly between 15 and 20.

  7. Do not fuck with these people. 90% of the group will never take a knife or a glock against you! do not see this as 'unnmacht'.. simpely a small part of the group, can shut down the whole world in 48h; hope it never cum's to this, but……It only take's a minute girl

  8. america need a good purge from china

  9. china must take over the us for what they did to japan

  10. Hiroshima bomb time to give back USA belong to china

  11. Perla says:

    what can we do to change this? please answer…. should we continue going to college? I don't want to die with a student loan debt…

  12. Mr 117 says:

    I believe they will call it World War Z (Zion), sorry that's a bit cheesy. They have all been Zion wars just the next will be the last one.

  13. fake ? …me no no …hugs…

  14. Senad Copra says:

    its 2017 the 39 day…no war

  15. If you are so called "hackers" then hack in russia in USA in China do something with atomic or atom bombs dissable them or send them in cosmos far far away only best of the best hackers can save the world cuz we are humans we will destroy the earth we are bad and we are never learning from mistakes always will born evil to destroy human kind and we we the humans have to be destroed to save the world to save the earth

  16. peter b says:

    The coverments have now a big problem he make conflicts with souls and some one on this world are reincarnation not from this world. Some one can control the powers of nature. guys we are engineers we building piramids and our tools are all ready prepared to strike back. Im self i send only the massages of this. Greetings the unknow worlds we come in peace health of the plannet go first all.

  17. maskeli o çocukları

  18. anas nsour says:

    MR.ROBOT is the #Anonymous ! I also think we are nearby w.w III

  19. black mask says:

    Too All Anonymous–  all people go to http://www.photoofanonymous,com and you will see where the pictures come from they are fakes and now you will see. I am truly the one and only Anonymous I been the Anonymous for 35 to 40 years now I am from old school now you know who I am my friend and we care for the people not news and not wars and not politics we steel for the rich and give to the poor. the next part will show how they steal video there is no mask just pictures. I don't forgive and I don't forget and that mean you my friends.

  20. india should try to invade Nepal. why is india coward to attack Nepal? i request India to come and get Nepal.
    send Indian armed forces to capture Nepal. then we see from there.

  21. Good video. Perfect Timing.

  22. it's f**** said As Americans can stop put are s** down and do something about this.?

  23. lee sanford says:

    anonymous who are really what your first name?

  24. Fucking American Jews Russia will Fuck your Ass



  27. Thermalburn says:

    People have been playing too much Watchdogs lately lol

  28. Monis Rahman says:

    say no to war pal!!!

  29. door says:

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