Another Fukushima Horror: Vampire Dogs


The real problem is not so much the wild boar but there’s another animal. There are two types of whats called a raccoon dog. One is very cute, like a raccoon, but they’re actually a wolf/dog-type species…

I live in the mountains of Japan, you get back from work very late at night and on the last train walk through the mountains in the late night and see these creatures… but these are not the cute ones, they are very long, much bigger than a fox, more like a wolf — long ugly snout, rat like face, long bushy tail. They go through garbage, eat insects, they’re scavengers, they’re predators.

Raccoon Dog

They’re also vampires, they unlocked a neighbors chicken coop — they unlatch it they go in they latch onto the neck and suck the blood out of them because they don’t like to eat the feathers.

Now these are the animals I’m really worried about… mutations… these things eat anything… and the mutation of these animals … they’re large enough to take down a child or an elderly person even an adult. I take an armful of rocks whenever they get close…

Raccoon Dog

They’re called raccoon dogs… extremely large and potentially dangerous. I think the mutation of these things in the wild of Fukushima now that they’re left alone… These are the animals that are just tearing the flesh off of cattle, leaving nothing… They’re quite dangerous animal.

Without the farmers there to shot them, these things will really flourish…

Like a nightmare scenario…

These are very primitive dogs, not raccoons… They’re really fearsome animals and they’re dangerous… I think there is a future threat, again the Pandora’s box is open…

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  1. Link says:

    that will be on the next chef special of the sushi list, i think i saw the show Iron Chef with the raccoon dog as the main theme ingredient of that show.

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