Anti-Austerity Riots in Spain and all over Europe – Video


Airlines canceled flights, picketers blocked trucks from delivering produce and police clashed with protesters as Spanish workers staged a general strike on Wednesday to protest against austerity measures imposed by a government struggling to slash its budget deficit and overcome recession. People across Europe are protesting in anger at a string of cuts in pensions, wages and unemployment. Thousands have just started marching in Brussels in opposition to the austerity measures that have gripped the EU.People in countries across Europe are protesting in anger at a swathe of cuts to jobs, wages and pensions. There’s a general strike in Spain while tens of thousands are gathered in Brussels to voice their opposition to the austerity measures that have gripped the EU. RT talks to David Campbell Bannerman, a member of the European Parliament from the UK Independence Party.


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  2. Cherunda Fox says:

    This was not reported in the US as far as I can tell. I WONDER WHY?

  3. Abaddon says:

    The comments here seek to put forward their solution to the worlds problems, when there is NO solution. The enormous global chaos is EVIDENCE of a system in TERMINAL decline. The problems within and without nations are staggering and increasing by the day, even doctors who try everything to save the patient, eventually come to a unanimous decision that their is nothing further they can do, or anyone can do to save the individual. Death is the most powerful force that has conquered all men, be they Princes or Kings or governments. Likewise the death orientated history of mankind will have its way on this present day global system that man has created. Just as death had its way with all those mighty world powers of the past, so it will have its way with this present day world wide global power.Some people find it hard to except the inevitable, they hang onto some belief that THEY can “Save the World” what arrogance! ALL those powers of the past came to an ignominious end, leaving ruins in their wake, ruins are a sign of FAILURE. they ALL failed, so will this present day global system. In fact, the chaotic, divided, confused, fragmented, corrupt, warlike world today is GLOBAL proof of all of mans FAILED attempts to rule the world, how much more evidence does a reasonable person need, to see where we are heading??? RUINS.

  4. This is no more than act number one in showtime of the dawn. Not a single government on earth stood tall against the poisened origin of finance now its just chain reaction of the dump as it has been so many times before, yelling, accusing, expecting, demanding, going to war and hate, all on the wrong side as usual and that is what a dump humanity shall deserve global. While hating and than killing each other the true guilty behind the FED system laughing their asses off because all that humbling and coward consumers pack so easy to manipulate with the ilusion of money.
    By the end of next year north american and european societies felt to the ranking of Mozambique and are made ready for big scale wars and self destruction while the entire asian continent already disapears under flames and wars. Welcome to reality and keep fighting on the wrong side and wrong ideologies, its payback time in consequence of ignorance and system prayers.
    Spain is bleeding, Ireland is bleeding, Portugal is bleeding, Greece bleeded to death, Italy is corupted by Berlusconi-Israel capital, France turning into fascist country against minorities, England still that old poor hore it became after India and the runaway to US, Germany the cover up of israel-arabian-US capital with no balls to stand up for liberty, Switzerland due to bleed the end of export capabilities, the US bleeding like a pig and just glued together with endless lies on ALL and each side……… welcome to reality and this is just act number one in consequence.

  5. percy says:

    Thank goodness someone has the balls to stand up to the fascists this time around. We should have done it the first time. Who knew the fascist were also the zionists. Now we know. Now they are as much as risk as they have put us at risk.

    You go spain and europe, we are right behind you……the gov knows it too. They have mobilized 80,000 troops to take us on and we suspect foreign troops because our own would not shoot civilians unless they are brainwashed and mind controlled which is possible.

    • Ed says:

      This is exactly why the federal government has essentially militarized local de facto law enforcers. If any think these denizens from hell will not attack and kill Americans, then one should check out their current actions of brutalizing, beating, torturing, and even killing people for no crimes committed. They act as judge, jury, and executioners (literally dozens of times annually).

      Our military now is a mercenary army acting not in the best interests of America and our true Americans but for the god-awful State of Israel, its lobbyists that control Washington and state (including local) governments.

      Many know they are wrong but do it anyway. Maybe they are borderline psychos rather than complete psychos that the cops and other enforcers are (judges, prosecuting attorneys).

      It is a sad state that we find ourselves in because of ignrorance and not recognizing the writing on the wall that began a century ago with the Zionists getting control of our money, media, agriculture, medicine, communications, transportation, education, law making (always in the interest of the stinking state of Israel and its make believe Israelites), WMDs, and so on.

      But, it is not nearly as sad as it is going to get in the very near future and the psychopathic Zionist controllers unlease their dogs from hell, including the poisons and quite mad killers paid to do what they are trained to do – kill.

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