Anti-gun Fanatic Piers Morgan Exploits College Shooting



CNN’s Piers Morgan wasted little time exploiting the shooting at the Lone Star Community College in Houston, Texas.

He mounted Twitter and launched into his now infamous brand of histrionics.

Anti-gun Fanatic Piers Morgan Exploits College Shooting

CNN had earlier refrained from showing footage of the campus because of what we might see. It later showed a standard helicopter camera view of the campus.

Although he was correct about a stretcher being wheeled to a waiting ambulance, there was no footage we saw of bodies.

We can expect Morgan to exploit the situation to its fullest even if it turns out to be a gang-banger related incident (as opposed to a much more palatable and sensationalistic “active shooter” situation favored by anti-Second Amendment zealots).

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  1. 5 War Veteran says:

    Screw Piers Morgan and send him back to the UK.

  2. Stan Sikorski says:

    This limey best regulate his piehole or he may have the opportunity to join his beaten ancestors of the Revolution.

  3. Michael Cook says:

    The biggest casualties in war are CIVILIANS. Many times more women, children and the aged die, than any soldier from either side. Many of these innocents are killed by their own government forces, who class them as ‘collateral damage’ in their pursuit of the ‘enemy.’
    Most governments have policies which have disarmed their citizens the right to protect themselves, with the result that in any warlike situation developing, civilians are massacred in huge numbers, for they are in the middle of two armed camps.
    Both camps which seek to hide behind the defenceless civilian population in the pursuit of their goals. A place they can hide in and feel no threat from, as they know they are defenceless, and of which they can abuse, rob, rape, and kill at will.

    How many combatants would seek to hide behind the civilian population if they knew they were ARMED???

    Armed forces are now known for their cowardly rear-guard action from behind the innocent unarmed civilian population. This should tell people how the powers that be view the masses.
    Armies of the past met outside the field of civilian populations, and fought on a battlefield, where tactics, leadership, bravery, would determine the outcome by those who sought to fight over their religious, political, cultural, or ideological greivances. The winner takes all.
    Not anymore. Wars are not meant to be won, just to be continued. Instabilityy is far more profitable.

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