Anti Nowhere League- World War 3


Anti Nowhere League – We´re The League 1982.


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  1. OpieJohansen says:

    What an awesome and incredible band!!! If you have the chance to see them live, THEN DO!!! 30th Anniversary Tour Dates are coming soon!

  2. spaced377 says:

    they played york last friday second time in last couple of months and i missed both doh lol 

  3. Takes me back to early 1981 saw them on their 1st major gig supporting the Damned at Wakefield Unity Hall. Never seen anything like them completely anti world. Changed my life
    Thanks guys for amazing times

  4. tonybolonixx says:

    Nice one,mate.That's a great comment.I know exactly what you're saying,.i saw them as a support act the Hammersmith Clarendon in 81-and no-one was expecting it-everybody's jaws just hit the floor !! 

  5. Sammi Tee says:


  6. playing cardiff south wales in october.

  7. Saw the League back in April 1981 doing their first major gig supporting the Damned at Wakefield Unity Hall. Me and 7 older lads went down in a big old black hearse to see The Damned and managed to meet them all as they were driving our Hearse around Wakefield they were great but nothing blew me away more than this new band The Anti Nowhere League. Jaw dropping brilliant totallly out there. They became my favourite band and i couldn't wait until they got signed and released Streets of London. I was lucky enough to meet them in 82 when touring for the album and managed to get back to there dressing room and meet them all. They were great and very influencial on my then crazy life. Great guys. I still have the original album with original recording of Animal before it was banned. World War 3 was my favourite song. Thanks for giving me the Fuck You attitude which stiil surfaces today if i think you are not a real person. We are all still The League!

  8. NAte Maxson says:

    isn't the single version of this song faster?

  9. Tommy Walker says:

    This is proper punk– love, NO PLACE TO PISS

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