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  1. from New Zealand. Government here coping a lot of shit here with foreign land buyers. Chinese especially. think its more economic and tha its a beautiful place. hopefully our new government after the coming elections shuts the door.

  2. lewis berrie says:

    Thanks for this video! finally someone who acknowledges the fear mongering happening every other week. Way to go! God Bless you!!

  3. shark cat says:

    if jesus loved you, why would he kill everyone? especially the people that have never heard of him….you people sound like "the family" cult

  4. john clark says:

    everyone on this channel do your research on the four Elite in which I will mention the Illuminati the Rothschilds The Rockefellers and the Bilderberg Group once you have done all research on all these four Elite you will find out exactly how far the elite are willing to go and how deep this new world order agenda really is

  5. mastman 23 says:

    Great plan get all the RATS in one place and nuke the shit out of it

  6. MMA Warfare says:

    So they have decided to head for the mountains of middle earth.

  7. The elite need to be scared of us, there is going to be a revolution someday and WE will win

  8. The apocalypse is the revealing of what is hidden so they have good reason to run.

  9. Som Bamrara says:

    S.H.I.T I was planning to settle in New Zealand…now these fuckers are going there? dayum…

  10. clare davies says:

    Thank you again,I am on Facebook book but I spread the truth about the illuminati and all they're evil agendas,yes I put some humour into it but we need light outside the darkness!,I believe in god and in Jesus Christ and they will be our salvation,I am now teaching the truth to my children who are the next generation and I will not allow them our any innocence to be corrupted by Satan my friend!.God bless you and your family x

  11. we need to stop calling these parasites the "Elite", their is nothing elite about them. We are all created equal in gods image, those of us in the know need to call them exactly what they are, human parasites, nothing about these sickos is Elite.

  12. I remember a time when Gods creation didn't need a voice, it was all One direct communication. Believe, and it will happen once again. This is Christs intent. Simply resist temptation.

  13. I'm prepared for anything but I have no fear. Thank you for your well-researched information.

  14. Truth says:

    I have a MANSION waiting for me…

  15. Anita Roosen says:

    Weather good all year round and clean water. Energy apocolypse, where do you go to survive

  16. nicegal46235 says:

    Soros will be there for sure

  17. nicegal46235 says:

    The strange thing is that they are going there.. I saw a video that says a lot of countries will disappear.. Covered by the oceans. Anything lower than 500 mts will disappear. A lot of countries will lose the costs. So I guess they have their bunkers high up in the mountains in new zeland

  18. nate millz says:

    I live in New Zealand. so scarey to think they might flee here. I know our media and politicians are controlled. fkn pedos!!

  19. majoor cuool says:

    reminded me of the public advocate when the lawyer is winning as all trials. in the end Satan loose. it will be same the coming of God son.
    Isaiah 2-19 And they shall go into the holes of the rocks into the caves of the earth for fear of the Lord and for the Glory of his Majesty, when he ariseth to shake terribly the Earth.
    Isaiah 13-13 the Earth shall be removed out of her place.
    EXODUS coming to America first just like Egypt and Gomorrah sodom Babylon America Revelation 11-8 . the true Israelites are here in America.. Israel is Jacob name. those in Israel are Esau Jacob brother. with their star of Lucifer..

  20. trppytoes says:

    I had to leave Facebook because there's more dumb asses on Facebook with an opinion than YouTube could ever imagine. It's really kind of sad to see what people really believe in and what false hopes they have for so many problems in their life. They try to put on a show for everyone else on their but you can pick apart who they really are from all the other bull shit on there.

  21. true I don't think they are going to kill us all….they got so much technology to sell us !!!! all these cars ..virtual reality ….phones..ect ect….they are planning for a technological future ….full control via their technological Saturn/ satanic signal

  22. steven Holme says:

    Alex Jones will mislead you. He might speak some truth, but there's always that bit of disinfo included in what he say's. He pushes' the ball earth, the earth is definately flat and that's Biblical!

  23. Kay Rapture says:

    The Rapture is coming for his Jesus will be descending on the clouds for his Bride.

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