Apple : Illuminati Exposed


The solution symbolism at the rear of Apple’s brand.

Apple Inc. (Apple), incorporated on January 3, 1977, together with its subsidiaries, is engaged in planning, production and promoting cell communication and media gadgets, personal desktops, and portable digital new music players. It also sells a array of associated software, providers, peripherals, networking remedies, and 3rd-social gathering digital material and apps. The Company’s goods and providers include things like Iphone, iPad, Mac, iPod, Apple Tv set, a portfolio of purchaser and experienced software apps, the iOS and Mac OS X working methods, iCloud, and a array of accessory, services and guidance choices. It also sells and provides digital material and apps by way of the iTunes Retail outlet, App Retail outlet, iBookstore, and Mac App Retail outlet. Through the calendar year ended November 24, 2011, the Firm, as portion of a consortium, acquired Nortel Networks Corporation’s patent portfolio. In February 2012, the Firm acquired app-research motor Chomp.

‘Keep Relocating Forward’

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47 Responses

  1. GrkG63 says:

    So many grammatical errors, it's difficult to read. If you need help, ask.

  2. BeniPersia says:

    i accept most of illuminates companies and etc but this was bullshit

  3. Aarij Remaaz says:

    Wait a second… The picture of this video was at my school in second grade does this mean trobuco Mesa is illuminati? Reply yes or no

  4. GJOHNY MODZ says:

    Do you want me to make you video better ?? if yes tell me

  5. PMA Judge says:


  6. Imad Younis says:

    i dint understand a fucking thing

  7. hurts2wakeup says:

    At 5:08, if you read the two lists that you wrote individually, then it is Very Interesting :)…
    Just read them quickly, one side at a time, from the Top down. You have Ignorance good, knowledge evil??? And that is really ALL you need to know about this Place!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And having the Male and Female Energies all F%^&ed Up. You can see the Light too, but be careful to not get blinded by it :-)))…

  8. Sherzod says:

    what is the song?

  9. Gibeon Giba says:

    Antes de tudo, um bom e delicioso dia. Eu me pergunto, será que na sua casa tudo é iluminado com madeira ou coisa do tipo? E para congelar os mantimentos, como será? E as roupas que veste, será que é de tecido? Trabalho com Tecnologia da Informação, e os produtos da Apple, até agora, são os que mais atendem minhas necessidades. Não vou entrar no mérito tecnológico que a Apple usa em seus aparelhos. Mas eles até o momento são de uma performasse surpreendente. Outra pergunta. Vc. tem computador ou algo parecido em casa? Qual a tecnologia que vc. usou pra produzir esse clip? Não seria hipocrisia sua vomitar tanta insanidade desse jeito? Abraços!!! Experimente um produto da Apple, nem que seja de um amigo e verás a diferença comparado com a concorrência. Um forte Abraço. Boa sorte.

  10. I͙m͙ u͙s͙i͙n͙g͙ a͙n͙ i͙p͙h͙o͙n͙e͙ t͙o͙ w͙a͙t͙c͙h͙ t͙h͙i͙s͙

  11. I am 12 years old I just want to say somthing I believe is very true , Islam is somewhat true by the way you look at it its is the right path . Illuminati killed Michael Jackson for becoming Muslim if he would have became any other religion they wouldn't have because they made those religions for the astray people who don't worship the devil still worship somthing false . I'm not saying Jesus isn't Real i am saying that he is <not god> . In the bible it says 'don't eat pork' but the devil change the book many times unlike the Quran. Please open your eyes !!!

  12. eojd says:

    I don't really give a damn much if illuminazi is real or not but when I look at my iPod can't help but think of why its eaten..then remembered time when men first sin and the devil appeared to eve to bite it..(dunno if already mention in video above as I lost interest and paused it) but also the I in iPod as in eye..(all seeing eye)..and iPod. Stands for
    I lumminati
    P Prince
    O f
    D arkness

    But its just my theory..nothing coincidental or anything.

  13. It isn't proven that in the garden of Eden it was an apple. People just assume that when the bible says fruit they mean apple. No offense if u thought it was an apple. I did 2 🙂

  14. Quigs says:

    Please work on your spelling and grammar.

  15. Strange……the 'thorn apples' used to grow all over my old school and everyone called them 'crazy fruit of doom'

  16. Bill Isalive says:

    I can't believe someone actually took time to do this vid…. At the end of the day EVERYTHING can turn out to be a symbol of ILLUMINATI. I can maybe take a pic of my big toe and post it on the net and it can be seen as a conspiracy or cover up.
    LOL Fair go you guys, go……get a life or something.

  17. reknaren03 says:

    Hmmm no comment. Lol

  18. Mario Petrov says:

    That's how will live like in MIRROR'S EDGE [DICE and EA].
    Watch the news of "CITYeye" news.
    Listen to the news with "CITYear".

    As mentioned in the game: The goverment WATCHED the citizens really closely. "The movment of people and information is heavly monitored."

  19. ling lei says:

    Lol I am using an iPad to watch this..

  20. Zaalogg says:

    All this disbelievers, not your fault ppl. But let me tell you this:Take all famous branches,corps and companys, look at hier logos and find only thoose that are not linked to ancient sumerian, agyptian, babylonian, biblic, mythical roots representing a sinister, evil meaning. You ll will found only a little. E.G. number 9 stays for the good, its the number of the witches that got burned, its the only number in mathmatics when multiplied the crossfoot/digit sum is allways the 9 itself. Try to find trikots, sportshirts, basecaps and sport jackets with this number, you ll find not much but what you will find is 5,6,11,13,22,23,32,33 . This is just an example with numbers, everyone knows this digits (symbols) . I could give hundreds of examples like Versaces logo, Lockheat Martin. Its like in the bible says: People have eyes and yet they dont see…

  21. not watching is but the simbel of apple is basecly the rest of the apple eve dident eat so we dont know about.

  22. DirrtyBEATs says:

    also the logo = pi … good job 😀 

  23. Your profile is a iluminati eye dumb fuck

  24. Zaynah7 says:

    You have to be retarded NOT to believe this video. :')

    It's there, right in front of you. So many naive and arrogant people leaving comments!

  25. Asma Ejaz says:

    1st song name plz? 

  26. fucking commercial just to do what? so what about the people that professionally uses macs to do their work? what the f.. have to do this with the bad guy? omg..  stop.. not all the thing in the world have to do something with illuminati.. this video is totally absurd.. come on kid… go and do your homework.. bah! i've lost my time watching this.

  27. KO Gaming says:


    People don't believe because they have already been "snapped"

  28. You piece of crap! Im watching this with my iPad.

  29. GameBytes! says:

    And no one has noticed how apple are taking over the world

  30. keith millar says:

    Cry out to Jesus Christ he can hear you and believe in he is the only way out of this mess that we are all in.

  31. Oh creepers I'm watching this on my ipod

  32. Anon ymous says:

    you're profile picture is an illuminati symbol dumb fuck

  33. * * T H I S   I S    T R U E * *
    -iPhone can be spelt eye-Phone
    -Apple icon is Adam's bitten apple when Lucifer tricked him into eating it 
    -Siri in reverse is Iris…and I thought so what? Until they desperately began to
    compare this 'Iris' to 'Isis' on the payment system and I concluded that the Isis payment system is of course the Illuminati chip mark of the beast payment system.
    -New fingerprint identification on new iPhone 5s. Why would they store your human i.d ?
    -You cannot remove the battery in any Apple product. You THINK its OFF.
    Turn Apple products off

  34. P. 1245 says:

    I THINK this is bullshit

  35. rubyroo999 says:

    I find more significance in road apples.

  36. Meg says:

    what the fuck. :O

  37. Roborav says:

    Much as I like Apple and their products it seems they are another satanic illuminate controlled company. FUCK they are all at it.

  38. JunkyLMP says:

    Im watching this on my iphone 5s

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