Arab Revolutions and World War 3 predicted by Sheikh Imran Hosein back in 2003


Sheikh Imran Hosein an Islamic scholar especially famous for giving lessons on the end times or Zaman akhirul made ‚Äč‚Äčthese predictions in 2003 .


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  1. trinity93256 says:

    Israel is God chosen people through they are stiff necked people

  2. segomil says:

    …europe have big finacial issue & Japon have problem with chinese island !

  3. James Pitt says:

    if they (the israelis) are chosen, then why do they get punished?

  4. God will protect the Jews from those evil bastards

  5. Mahdi the Islamic messiah have arrived

  6. fred999ize says:

    israel in the bible reffers to the church as a whole not the jews alone…

  7. Shred house says:

    RELIGION=WAR and pointless DEATH……………religion is for stupid people. Einstein didnt believe in god. Steven Hawking doesn't believe in god. Bill Gates doesn't beleive in god. Your just listening to the stupid people that want to control you. Religion was made so stupid people would have power and feel special. The stupid people hate the smart people so they made religion. The Quran tells you to hate the smarter people. Its brainwashing you. Islam has only brought stupidity and death.

  8. mashallah…it is reallly happening right now

  9. why are you angry when the truth come out?

  10. don't underestimate the firasat of a mu'min

  11. Kastro MCPro says:

    Because they are screwing the world, and are not following their true religion which God has sent them.

  12. random13323 says:

    Islam: The true religion!

  13. James Pitt says:

    i agree, so they are not chosen as they get punished!

  14. Kastro MCPro says:

    Yeah. And not to mention they were the only people who didn't obey God and his angels sent. I mean C'MON who wouldn't obey God, that sent an angel. Damn these people.

  15. Theo Colt says:

    go to 3w

  16. Yasha Adam says:

    People die more due to political motivation

  17. Shred house says:

    no religion kills more people than politics

    most soldiers are religious and thats why they are not afraid to die

    atheists dont start wars very often
    Stalin started no wars
    Mao started no wars


    BY I, Prof. = Mahdi, Indrit FE'RRA, WHERE am Qur'ans DIRECT in Sura 73 MUZZEMIL ETC. [LIVE IN TIRANA, ALBANIA]
    I am not PROPHET ISA = Messi WATCH IN Qur'ans SUREH 43; 57.58.
    BIN Laden was an actor in the role of my life. [CIA, bin Laden].
    MAMA TERESA [INDIA] you know a woman who played my mother lives.
    I am the prophet that confirm the Quran, and show by Allah in the Qur'an Surah 9; 3.4.
    Allahu Akbar

  20. oh those were nice words from that man

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