Are Fascists Designating Free Speech Zones On College Campuses?

truther September 23, 2013 1
Free speech apparently isn’t a guaranteed right but a right only designated to certain areas on college campuses. And it must be “scheduled” ahead of time. At Modesto Junior College on Constitution Day, a student was forbidden from passing out copies of the Constitution in non designated free speech zones. And with this we have turned a razor sharp corner to becoming the Fascist states of America. There’s no going back now.

Are Fascists Designating Free Speech Zones On College Campuses

Watch this and seethe with anger over how this country is being hijacked and manipulated imageby fascist dictators masquerading as facilitators of higher education. Free speech is being stripped from the masses and we’re too oblivious to see the signs of a Marxist occupation. Is this Nazi Germany?

Yes it is. The walls are closing in on those who value free speech. As witnessed at Modesto junior college, free speech must be scheduled and in a specific zone. But let’s get real, this “free speech” only applies to certain individuals. And groups.

Student Robert Van Tuinen later tells the officer that he is trying to start a chapter of Young Americans for Liberty on campus and is attempting to generate interest. However, the campus police officer was unmoved and again told him that “as a student on campus passing out anything whatsoever, you have to have permission through the Student Development office.”

What is most disturbing about this incident is the visceral reaction the student was met with when “authorities” thought he was representing the Heritage Foundation.

Founded in 1973, The Heritage Foundation is a research and educational institution—a think tank—whose mission is to formulate and promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.

Freedom, free speech, and individual freedom are kryptonite to fascism. Which explains the outward disgust with the Heritage Foundation. This organization directly contradicts higher educational indoctrination.

The Administrator’s lip service to the student about “scheduling” free speech is abhorrent. And her open disdain for his passing out copies of The Constitution is worse. She’s mocking him openly. And she’s spitting in the faces of all freedom loving Americans.

What if he was passing out Bible tracts? He would surely have faced intense interrogation and possibly arrest. And if he had Qurans he would get a pass. Or maybe just a gentle reminder to respect the free speech zones. Wink wink.

In a sick twist, campuses across California imageare declaring it a “victory” for free speech that Anti-semitism claims were thrown out. This is the very perversion of free speech via Islamic jihad. Free speech is a right if you are Muslim or avowed Anti-Semite. And free speech is completely denied for Jewish students.

In a major victory for free speech and Palestine solidarity activism on California campuses, the US Department of Education has thrown out legal claims filed by Zionist students against the University of California at Berkeley, the University of California at Santa Cruz and the University of California at Irvine.

The claim against UC Berkeley alleges that Jewish students faced a “hostile” and “anti-Semitic” atmosphere on campus because of Palestine solidarity activism and Muslim student organizing — allegations which the current chancellor at UC Berkeley stated on Tuesday are “entirely unfounded.”

Suddenly in the blink of an Islamic eye, hate speech is perverted and twisted into free speech. And all with complete cooperation from the highest “educational” authorities there are. This is a human rights violation and a direct violation of EVERYTHING the Constitution stands for.

Christians face continual blocks to free speech on campuses. Christian speech is automatic discrimination, be it against Muslims, homosexuals, or abortion rights activists. Anyone can claim “hate” by Christians regardless of circumstance.

The conflict between Christian student groups and campus anti-discrimination policies has been roiling since a split U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2009 against the Christian Legal Society, which appealed its ouster from Hastings College of Law.

Free speech zones are an affront to liberty. There is no free speech for those who value liberty and individual freedom today. Former fringe groups have the corner on free speech. Islam and free speech mix as beautifully as oil and water.

Welcome to American Fascism 101 where the first thing you will be taught is free speech is not a right, and The Constitution is worthless.

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