Are Preppers Crazy?



In all walks of life, there is an element of ‘crazy’, although perhaps not the crazy as defined by the 1st definition in the dictionary, ” Affected with madness; insane”. However a few of the informal definitions may apply, ” Departing from proportion or moderation, especially: Possessed by enthusiasm or excitement, Intensely involved or preoccupied”. It may be a bit over the top, but what’s wrong with that?

Unfortunately the main-stream has stereotyped Preppers as a group of crazy people (crazy as in the 1st dictionary definition). Many of the TV shows and other publicized preppers are those on the extremes, or far enough from the middle-of-the-road such that people look at their behavior as being way beyond what they may consider to be ordinary preparedness. Not saying here that the actions of preppers out on the extreme edges are unjustified or wrong in any way, I’m saying that most non-preppers view preppers as these people. I believe that most preppers are not those people, but are somewhere in between.

Having said that, there’s no doubt that many preppers (especially in the beginning) are possessed by enthusiasm or excitement and can become intensely involved with their prepping actions. I guess they are crazy in that this meets some of the alternative definitions… I know that I’ve been quite enthusiastic from time to time about certain preparedness projects, so yes I suppose I’m crazy too ;)

Well all joking aside, there is no doubt in my mind that lots of regular folks who are simply living their lives within the system (so busy that they have no time to think about or realize the risks that are facing them), prepping seems crazy when they do happen to see a TV show portraying prepping activities.

People like to live within comfortable thoughts and comfort zones, often not even allowing their mind to wander, ponder, and consider things outside their cocoon of life. When they are faced with it (thinking outside the box), it’s scary and their defenses kick up. A normal reaction is to discredit it so that they do not have to deal with it or be associated with something outside the pack mentality (“their normal”).

Let’s face it, it’s not easy to take action. The easiest thing is to NOT take action. It is easy to find excuses why NOT to do something. Seriously. We’ve all done it (and probably do it regularly)! It is hard to look beyond the excuses.

Labeling and stereotyping “prepping” or “preppers” in a negative way keeps most people ‘in line’ when it comes to staying within the parameters of the system we live within today. We are herded and funneled into the lives we live each day. Those who are the shepherds of the system do not want their sheep to question what they are doing or where they are going. We all know what happens when a sheep sets off in a different direction from the herd… others follow it! Oh my! We can’t have that…

Be aware that it is NORMAL to think about one’s risks that are facing them, and to plan or take action to secure one’s survival! Do I need to repeat that? It is normal for you to do what you feel you need to do to assure your own protection or survival. It is NOT normal to ignore the risks that you face. Somehow during the past 50 years or so, these things have been turned upside down. Speaking out has become frowned upon or even criminal! ‘Political correctness’ has been brainwashed into our children and now middle-aged adults. They believe that it is ‘bad’ to say certain things or speak of certain subjects. Somehow it has become ‘bad’ to protest against some of our politicians or government (well, I suppose they never liked that…). People who ‘act out’ are labeled and portrayed as crazy.

Think about it. If (or when) you start prepping a bit, like buying and storing up some extra food (a very simple start), how will you feel about that? Will you feel a tinge of guilt? Enough so that you likely will not want to tell anyone? The answer is yes, you probably will feel that way. Isn’t that wrong?? Yes it is certainly wrong that anyone should feel a little guilty or secretive about the fact that they’ve stored up some extra food! Why is that? Because we’ve been brainwashed to believe that this is so out of the ordinary that we must be crazy. It implies that we do not trust ‘the system’. Get it? “They” (the shepherds of the system) do not want any questions asked about their system.

The thing is, you are foolish (sorry) if you believe that things will always stay the same. That is to believe that just because we’ve had it good for these decades, therefore they will always be good. More and more ordinary people are waking up and realizing the significant dangers that we are facing as a modern society today. It is NORMAL to prepare. Don’t listen to them calling you crazy. Who cares! It’s about you protecting yourself and your family. Do what is right. Start today.

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2 Responses

  1. Chaos says:

    If you see the signs that the world is going to shit fast and you DON’T do anything at all to prepare than that’s CRAZY. …but hey , having less stupid people in the world will actually be better for us, and will increase the chance of success for the “preppers” or the “survivalists” .

  2. clint richardson says:

    Preperation increases probabilty of desired result if and when an event happens. If time spent doing so can be balanced rather than obsessive, it only makes sense to be prepared for a wide array of “what if it happened to you” instances..

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