Are We Entering World War 3? – 10 News Stories You Missed This Week


Bored of the regular news? Too much Wikileaks, Trump and North Korea? Then welcome to the right place.

There’s been plenty going beyond the headlines, with Sweden getting ready for a showdown with Russia, how your DNA could be used to store computer viruses and we finally get to the bottom of just how much pee is in the pool.

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30 Responses

  1. I will serve for my country any day of the week

  2. Never Land says:

    WW3 already happened u idiot So did Ww4 infact we had several undocumented world wars but this one coming isn't the third trust me but if it does happen It's gonna be more disastrous then nukes can ever be as the ILLUMINATI says: By 2020 our plans will be complete

  3. Go pack Go says:

    I'd love to blow somebody's brains out in ww3

  4. Well I live in Scotland and we haven't got any diseases from rain and it rains almost everyday

  5. John from football daily??

  6. Don't you just love The power of German Engineering? Auschwitz was just as Environmentally Friendly as Volkswagens!

  7. bubby32698 says:

    I can't fight in any war because of my seizures :(((((

  8. H4WK69 says:

    A world war will never happen as long as we keep picking fights with goat herders incapable of retaliating… like poor countries in the middle east for example, if you have oil then you are our friend!

  9. nosterbebot says:

    Nice nose dude! 🙂

  10. Go pack Go says:

    Who watches tv anymore ?? ??

  11. Pls say my country isn't in world war 3

  12. Andrew Smith says:

    Bad move, Sweden. Bad. Move.

  13. might as well call them deadpools …

  14. YouKnowTop10 says:

    Ww3 will probably be over someone killing someone in minecraft

  15. Put boxing glove's on all President's worldwide, place them in a room and let them box each other,that would be a clean ww3.whoever win ,that's it.the world wouldn't mind it went that way.

  16. AJAX says:

    I hope world war 3 starts so all the Trump supporters can see what they really got themselves into.

  17. Ludi Miloje says:

    world war 3 will happend soon

  18. If WW3 Starts I will join the army

  19. WW3 will start when they stop making COD games?

  20. I like this new type of update videos keep it up

  21. The Stat Wars guy is on this channel aswell ?

  22. Ruukasu says:

    how about sweden just enters NATO if they struggle getting recruits

  23. we are going to die. 🙂

  24. More like western aggression against Russia. Keep poking the bear and shit will hit the fan.

  25. "Are we entering ww3?" 10 stories you might have missed

    how much pee are in pools?

  26. July Ryan says:

    This my first time being this early, the Views r 649 n theres no dislikes yet, the comments r only seconds to minutes apart. I cnt do this guys, i'll go back after a year, im not used to this earliness

  27. Magnus otten says:

    you only missed these news if you dont watch memes

  28. Jesus & Every other Chosen One by The God's became, & Still Are IMMORTAL.
    They won't be 'coming back' as The God's Choose a New C.O. per Generation…& They've BEEN awoken & are currently viewing life through Their New Eyes.

  29. Mr. Pyro says:

    I love your videos great gob ??

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