Are We Going To Head To World War 3? The Historic Countdown Between Hillary Clinton Donald Trump


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20 Responses

  1. well in case we all die I just want to say it be fun guys and my god help us all ?

  2. The Best says:

    i completely disagree with you guys. From all the republicans i have met they have been racist and sexist like today someone said to me that they would never want to have a women as a president. Also the nucleur warfare thing is dumb asf Donald trump doesnt even know what hes talking about most of the time. Hillary might not be a good candidate but at least she has a lot of experience and her husband is gonna help her a shit ton. Also no one likes donald trump except for white retards and some black retards like literally no one in the world likes him cuz of his big stupid mouth

  3. DBZ Uchiha says:

    World War 3 is going to be the cause of people debating who is stronger SSJ4 Gogeta Vs SSJB Vegito it is going to be much greater than World War 1 and 2. Prepare your anus for Saturday everyone.

  4. Dark Saiyan says:

    Can we just keep obama

  5. really the only thing we can do by this point is pray for God's mercy over this country and that his hand guides our next leader. giving up on hope is the worst thing we can do now.

  6. Noe Valle says:

    raise your hands and lend goku your energy to stop these shity candidates from starting ww3. but on a serious note trump sucks as a businessman and he is only running to make money for himself since all his businesses are failing, and hillary is in it to do the the big companies want. so neither candidate gives a real shit about the country or the people in it they just want to make money. also just letting yall know i moved countries since i saw that it was between hillary and trump so im getting out of dodge before shit hits the fan its only a matter of time unless there is a major revolution doubtful at best.

  7. I'm voting trump by a little bit! but we're all fucked like dbs gohan vs golden frieza

  8. Motive Aqua says:

    Sry but tbh its in theyre agenda you cant escape that war

  9. AsuraCryin says:

    I absolutely agree with bothof you and everything you guys said if I have to vote it's going to be the Lesser evil Trump because Hillary is a corrupt satanic Criminal and I would not trust her in office but I still think both of them were fucking

  10. omg dude she Fucked up

  11. Motive Aqua says:

    Donald trump might be killed maybe they will accuse russia or syria

  12. I say vote for team tomato can

  13. Whenever it's time I accept my death I'm satisfied with what I've done it may not have been much but I'm happy

  14. I'm just saying at first it was Hillary isnt big on military action and then it's she is trying to use it too much although this was from the two different people possibly different opinions idk it was very confusing and further more as much as a business man Donald Trump is, he has his hand in many industries such as big oil and when it comes to rules and regulation the president does have pull in these areas wouldn't he pull strings to make sure his money safe and my opinion is both candidates are that they both suck Hillary is better than Trump my (opinion is based on many personal factors such as class and morals ) and no matter who becomes president there probably going to get shot, whatever god willing

    sorry for Grammer errors I hate the engrish language

  15. Zeno Saiyan says:

    thanks for the video. I'm voting for the first time since I turned 18 a few months ago

  16. Fuck that rapy can of Orange Fanta… Hillary is the worst, but Trump is Yamcha's bitch

  17. Padro Marono says:

    welp the real black goku is coming and we don't have trunks to stop him

  18. futurewarrior you are so right.

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