Are We Heading Towards World War 3?


Tweet series I talked about:

I hope you like the video, I hope I don’t spend the next 4 years angry, I hope the next video isn’t so political

I’ve begun work on a 4 part series which will be a big project but if it comes out well I think it could be awesome.

I deleted the video I uploaded on Saturday because it was boring, hopefully this one isn’t boring


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  1. ItsElkay says:

    i am so amazed that you still have a low sub count. i love your videos and have been subbed for a few months now. keep up the good work sir trollope :)

  2. DoukiePlays says:

    The Muslim ban is harsh since Isis are not true Muslims I'm not Muslim my self but a lot of people and Muslims say Muslims are very different people than Isis and muslims are anti racism. Society shouldn't judge a person/race based on other actions included in their race/religion
    This was a great video I always learn something new

  3. AJ says:

    Good video, but I would never call the third wave feminist left the "moderate left." There's nothing moderate about them. Other than that, I really enjoyed this.

  4. Holly shit, what an intro. A bit too dramatic for my taste but still very good content

  5. sweet222221 says:

    my comments always go to approval #cencorship

  6. sweet222221 says:

    totally agree with you there, everything about the world has changed, in housing,jobs,the little things. I don't live in England but am part of the UK, if Russia and America join forces were fkd. were only small countries in comparison. I didn't think Donald was actually going to go ahead with this barbaric shit. your nostalgia video was good,but if it not happy with it fair enough. good luck world, I wouldn't have bought kids into this if I new it would be as fkd up as it is

  7. Best video you've made so far. A tad melodramatic as you mentioned, but there were some really frightfully true points there.

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