Are We Stumbling into World War III?


Thom Hartmann talks with Stephen Cohen, Professor Emeritus-New York University and Princeton University / Contributing Editor-The Nation Magazine …


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  1. On the bright side, if WW III breaks out, and mankind survives it, our religious psychopaths won't be able to continue trying to bring about WW III so Jesus will come back.

  2. Macabre215 says:

    As a student of history, I find this as your best interview ever, Thom.

  3. I lived though the 1960s 1970s. I see the hands of the CIA all over this. Is it just me ?

  4. I lived though the 1960s 1970s. I see the hands of the CIA all over this. Is it just me ?

  5. Tom Secrest says:

    One of many sides you need in order to understand what is happening in Ukraine. Definitely worth the time.

  6. Jadd Dufek says:

    the allies would win

  7. This guy saying that Russian media doesn't lie. Wot a Liar. ALL MEDIA LIES. Some more than others. Spin is what they do when they are not lying.

    Im still waiting on Russian Media photo evidence of the US Drone that the Russian Troops…errr ooops I mean Crimean "Polite People" shot down………Maybe that DHL package with drone parts from Iran hasnt shown up yet? ROFL

    Dude also lies about the Russian People not wanting this.

    Unlike in the US and Europe where the streets fill up with millions of people who protest our countries going to war. Nothing of the sort happens in Russia, they support this madness. As they did in Afghanistan, Chechnya, Georgia and now Ukraine.

    The online Rodina is also proof of this, they are actively supporting this in a online propaganda war.

  8. nice interview , however terrible translation 

  9. Nuclear Dog says:

    Just recently I read an article about how Russia re-introduced imperialism in Europe by annexing Crimea. I disagreed a little bit because they missed the other side of the story. When NATO expands all the way to Russia's borders, threatening to deploy missiles in Poland and to build bases along the Russian border, that's not imperialism? Who knows, maybe Crimea would have become America's naval base in Europe just like Italy is already a military base for America's air force. Russia has given a lot of concessions to the United States after the fall of the Berlin Wall, yet the US demands more. What is happening in the Ukraine is Russia's way of saying that the concessions are gonna end here. Crimea was Russia's response to the encirclement of Russia by NATO and another way to say that Russia will not accept dictations from the United States.

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