Are We Witnessing the Death of Our Planet?


Howard Beale
Activist Post

It seems that we are witnessing the death of our planet right before our very eyes. The extreme weather, Gulf oil disaster and use of deadly dispersants, to decades of agrichemical and synthetic medicines leeching into water ways, and general human pollution resulting in having to now map the North Atlantic Garbage Patch (not to be confused with the Great Pacific Garbage Patch) —  has resulted in major breaches to our interdependent life system.

Here are a few recently-reported disturbing indicators that our life support system may be nearing critical condition:

Do the controllers not see how it is all connected? Do they not care? Or was the circle of life meant to be broken? Either way, it is foolish to think humanity will not be intimately effected by these recent catastrophes, with more approaching.  Incidentally, the elite Rockefeller Foundation predicts this will be the “Doom Decade.”

Many scientists, philosophers, and religious leaders have long predicted apocalyptic events in the near future, yet some of these figureheads surely knew the true nature of our profound interconnectedness.  The world-famous physicist Stephen Hawking’s recent declaration that humanity must “abandon earth or face extinction” is the modern equivalent to ancient prophecies.

So, it stands to reason that if they know a certain cause will have a certain effect — especially as it pertains to our environment — then predicting the cumulative effect becomes quite simple, even obvious.

Is it much of a stretch then to believe that Earth’s demise could be engineered by those with the resources to do so? Or, perhaps, it is simply a natural Earth cycle trying to cleanse itself in an epic battle between Mother Nature and Humanity.

There may be too many variables to blame a specific event or establishment for the festering disease that endangers our planet, but evidence is mounting that Humanity’s current course will ultimately destroy our life-giving habitat.  In other words, if the vital links in the food chain are broken, as the oceans and the bees die off, then surely many human deaths will follow.

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