Are you ready for what’s coming? Part 46 (World War 3) Bible Edition


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  1. @MagaaloNet – First half is a world war 3 video, 2nd half is from Isaiah 13. Don’t make what isn’t there, there.

  2. @hopeso – All videos are put together by me. God provides the motivation. Music, art, visual is from all over. The jews over there are not jews, but are of satan. Jesus said it best. And real jews don’t even know they are jews.

  3. rahzek says:

    i have just completed all of these, very well done. i must ask though, please, what is the music for the opening video game war clips?

  4. Epic Score – They Hit Without Warning

  5. joseph4star says:

    Bull ill tell you why.I god said in multiple prophecies hes going to bring the children of israel the real jews not the black cuban or anglosaxon fake ones then he,s going to do it.To suggest otherwise is a blasphemy.There never is going to be people of west african descent eating chicken in tel aviv anymore than false replacement theological aryan nation in tel aviv! Do you really believe god is going to drive the so called khazars and replace them with the above false claimants.Read a bible!

  6. G Mason says:

    Why? Because they will have learned the hard way that gold and silver will not buy them life during “the day of Jehovah’s fury.” (Ezekiel 7:19) On the other hand, “a great crowd,” who prudently ‘stored up their treasures in heaven’ by putting spiritual interests first in their life, will benefit from their sure investment and gain eternal life in a paradise earth.—Revelation 7:9, 14; 21:3, 4; Matthew 6:19, 20.

  7. G Mason says:

    When Wisdom Alone Will Protect Us
    True wisdom will soon ‘preserve alive its owners’ in an unprecedented way—protection through the fast-approaching “great tribulation,” when God destroys the wicked. (Matthew 24:21) At that time people will be throwing their money into the streets as “an abhorrent thing,” according to the Bible.

  8. p6a9u1l42 says:

    It was Good until you went on about religious retardation.

  9. rd villaluz says:

    You should have watched his previous videos to have an idea what message he is trying to convey before you dismiss it as something that reflects your personal intellectual capacity.

  10. Nozz92 says:

    Which Bible is he using to present the written word?

  11. Nozz92 says:

    GOD’S WORD Translation this one?

  12. Nozz92 says:

    Nevermind found it!!! New International Version!!!

  13. I don't get how people get all upset wen some1 mentions the bible and call is retarded becuz they say there is no proof well wats happening now around the world isn't that proof that a 2000 year old book told about this isn't that proof how everyone would be lovers of flesh then lovers of the soul isn't that proof how people will want to deny the word of God and will do sinful things isn't that proof how we are trying to kill babies as they live isn't that proof how the world leaders still

  14. Still practice ancient pagan rituals hidden from the public isn't that proof how we all only care about our selfs and not other isn't that proof how we justify murder by calling those murders collateral damage isn't that proof so tell me how is a 2000 year old book was telling the wats happening rite now before masons existed before the illuminati existed tell me how has it come true in the past years huh?? tell me that atheist I'm waiting

  15. And by the way I was an atheist aswell until I kept researching

  16. Amen and Amen. Praise God, for I know his judgment of this earth is just and fair, according to the wickedness and foul deeds of the people on planet earth!
    Come quickly, Lord Jesus……………

  17. godisgood603 says:

    I know it's the Lord's will but why does God "dash their infants to pieces before their eyes?"
    I know generational curses etc., but this does disturb me, little children being cut to pieces. 

  18. Why wasn't Israel included!! Jews are the ultimate evil they hijacked the U.S and it's using it to destroy its enemies!

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