Are You Still Thinking That The Illuminati are a Myth



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  1. they arent a myth but there not bloody lizards and they arent goona do nout

  2. ha ha thats quite funny 1:07

  3. Chris PvP says:

    no need for the creepy music, bro!

  4. VC1 says:

    Fucking hell, Geometric shapes everywhere, its a fucking conspiracy. I'm off.

  5. J Skrilla says:

    UGH. More New World Order bullcrap. Forget the Illuminati the real power is the banks.

  6. KIDLTR says:

    yeah,the real power is the banks,which are controlled by the fucking illuminati

  7. Jess A says:

    3:28 the pentagram isn't complete….the left part of the star is missing one road/line to complete it…. so there.

  8. Not even google spends this much time on this shit.
    Grow up.

  9. They are the illuminati. o.O

  10. I hate people who say the illuminati is just this huge myth, I mean if you do a little research the illuminati was formed in 1776 and it says it right below the pyramid on us currency, people need to wake up and realize america is the great nation that will fall, the illuminati, freemasons skulls and bones society is all connected to america, we all may think we have freedom, but in reality form, each of us are slaves unless we stand up for whats right the leaders of this country gave into the snake oil merchant just a little bit to much 

  11. jay Roberge says:

    Believe me it is a "mind control" tactic to persuade you into thinking depopulation is the agenda…..FEAR is the objective…the opposite to love and cooperation is fear and war. A large world population living in the constant state of fear, war and impending doom is the real Globalist's agenda. Why? Simply because it produces a massive and rich source of "low vibrational human consciousness"…  the real objective of the parasite controllers at the apex of the globalist hierarchy. As evidenced by the Vatican's policy of prohibiting contraception resulting in large families.Don't believe this false rhetoric of Depopulation, they want us weak and stupid and in fear but VERY MUCH ALIVE!!!!!
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