Arena Showcase – WCW World War 3


On this episode of Arena Showcase we take a look at the stages, rings, and other aspects that were featured for the short lived WCW PPV event, World War 3.


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  1. Misteriosi81 says:

    Was at the 2 WW3 ppvs that were in Michigan, the only draw back was during the singles matches they would switch rings but overall it was pretty fun

  2. More blood on Mayhem's hands.

  3. clicked on the video as soon as i saw it, fucking love your videos, keep up the great work

  4. this was an awesome concept and basically was WCW Royal Rumble.. but 60 man instead of 30..i wish they put this in the video game..

  5. Am i alone in loving the WCW Bullseye logo on the ring mat??

  6. fizzy292 says:

    Would be pretty cool if WWE did something like this especially now since there is a brand split. SD Live, Raw and NXT could compete with each brand starting off in their own ring

  7. Dallas M says:

    are you doing one for WCW Clash of the Champions

  8. always look forward to your videos

  9. I would like to see a Backlash, Armageddon, im sure u got the big 4 WWE and Starrcades coming too. Backlash 2000 is one of my favs

  10. Grab Shiny says:

    1997 was such a good PPV. It had a few stinkers, but overall it was an excellent show with a WW3 match with very exciting moments and an awful finish. Rey/Eddie, Disco/Saturn, Flair/Hennig were all great imo.

  11. Anthony S. says:

    Great video man as always! Something about you explaining all the details about the venue is quite comforting. Would you be able to do Spring Stampede arenas?

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