ArmA 2: World War 3 Scenario Part 1


Fictional World War III scenario, made ​​in ArmA 2 ; Part 1 covers the possible scenario in East Asia , after the death of N.Korean supreme leader , Kim Jong Ill Part 2 …


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  1. N.Korea is to weak to start WW3, they dont even have the money or equiptment to defend against South Korea for more than a few days.

  2. And after ward it just gets way to unrealistic.(japan does not have a real military!) and why would china declare war on everyone!?! especialy vietnam!?!

  3. Alexg6464 says:

    They didn't start it, China started it by declaring war on United Korea, then USA, Japan, Taiwan, India, and Vietnam declare war on China… Correct me if i'm wrong.

  4. Der Kaiser says:

    Anyone else find it hard to see North Korean troops and Marines fighting together?

  5. That .Guy says:

    nice well put together video

  6. zevulum says:

    Did you pay attention at all?

  7. im searcghing halo reach u bibol bashers

  8. this was pretty boss and china did not declare war o them all they declared war on china and china is ruled by like 15 people I could see that happening

  9. MOREE i want to see what happens next :)

  10. 터렙 says:

    북한 나쁜놈들


  12. KnightWicked says:

    pakistan is with china

  13. LjuboGaming says:

    Haha, ha, ha… 69, haha.

  14. TheBigHase says:

    Is that tank at 1:30 part of the mod!?

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