Arma 3: World War 2 – Polish Resistance


World War II Iront Front Arma 3. A WW2 mission sandbox imported into Arma 3. We try todefend our lines again the German invasion. Will we survive? Like the …


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  1. Mason Kelley says:

    Is it just me or is he trying to act like frankie

  2. Donkey Flem says:

    ctrl + w to go on toes

  3. Johnny Mak says:

    Just you. "Held" for sure. 😉 great video, great content. Keep it up, please. 

  4. is it only me or does De4dCert sound extremely depressed, like if he was watching puppies get burnt alive

  5. Mungo658 says:

    yo! do you know of any multiplayer servers running? just downloaded it nd cant find any servers

  6. man there should be like a server with german and american team  and recreate normandy battle that could be freaking awesome at least it was in arma 2

  7. Dean Brown says:

    2 questions, would appreciate it if you answered.
    1. How do you keep switching in between troops
    2. Do you make these scenarios yourself? If not, where do you get them?
    I plan on getting that mod for arma 3 soon. I just wanna know how to do bad ass battles like the ones you do :)

  8. Beefbomber says:

    how does one get this mod?

  9. What mod is this

  10. Polishboss says:

    But… but there are russians voices from Arma 2 in AIII (RHS mod)… why do Russians here are talking english?

  11. Polishboss says:

    Where are these Polish?

  12. Reaper says:

    Its Comunist Army dont Polish….

  13. I saw a Polish made movie about the defence of the Polish line by I believe less than 300 men, I believe half were killed and the rest either surrendered or were captured, but they lasted I believe it was a bit over a week against the entire German army led by the SS. A truly heroic story of honor, courage and determination to defend their homeland.

  14. 1:25


    These look like Russians, not Poles.

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