Arma 3: World War 2 – Tank Fury – D-Day


In Tank Fury on the conversion of Iron Front in Arma 3 we burn around in world war 2 tanks clearing up the left over armour patrols on the French coast. Like the …


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  1. Chocolat says:

    What map is this? Is it Chernarus?


  3. I loved the movie fury and this actually reminded me of the movie :)

  4. EpicBE says:

    TO WAR!!!!!!

  5. TE Folka says:

    link for download?

  6. So (im shure you don't remember me)
    But is lewis done cooking yet?

  7. yea who ever modeled that Shermans Physics needs to take another look at a real Sherman 

  8. Is there a editor mode for this?

  9. Alec Barreto says:

    Great video,but the tiger would have won in real life ;)

  10. Mc Dave says:

    noob game :((

  11. i dont think that an ol tommy cooker (sherman) survives 5 88mm shells to the face, the first one would go right in and out the back, killing most of the crew inside 

  12. BrandoMusic1 says:

    I really enjoy your videos, but if this one was striving for any kind of REALITY then the AI failed miserably. First Shermans didn't typically run around solo vs other German tanks… Second, the Tiger would have stopped you with the first shot. Did the engineers of this game make the Sherman a SUPER SHERMAN? Maybe if they want to make it real and more of a fair fight they should give you a Jackson or something. I had fun watching right up until you took 4 hits in the front from the Tiger. After that, I just called bullshit on the game physics.

  13. 1. The Tiger in reality would of destroyed the Sherman but I'm aware this is a game, 2. The Sherman in FURY was a 76mm Jumbo :)

  14. Skabin8 says:

    o_o how to tank speeding

  15. is he dead? 10 seconds later.. hes not dead!
    repeat this 3 times
    "okay i think he's dead"
    repeat this 10 times
    that was about the whole video

  16. Those Tiger H1 should defiantly have been several penetrations on the sherman tank. All the crew should have been knocked out before even they got close to the tiger, or if not that then some critical modules would defiantly been disabled. That is just extremely unrealistic

  17. how do you get this mod?

  18. Hey I Loved your video! We should be Friends let me know when you have new Videos?


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