Arma 3: World War 2 – The Bone Yard – Ep.2


Arma 3: World War 2 The Bone Yard can be a snipers dream or could very well be his nightmare. Like the Video? Subscribe ▻ Arma 3 …


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  1. WSGCclan says:

    Love these ww2 videos your doing, keep up the good work and continuing story line 

  2. Big Mike says:

    Hey, I like that mosin in the cover photo

  3. MrJJuK says:

    Daddies back! 😉 

  4. De4dcert, I have not played these missions in A3 yet, would really like to join you guys for a game if possible?
    you also mentioned a mod install video which would be great for all the new comers like me to IF/A3 mod.
    send me a pm for new and updated versions of these missions and more
    Major Mayhem

  5. Whats the mod called

  6. Lewis got so fucked u, like HOLY SHIIIITT!!!

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