Armageddon – The Road to World War 3 2016 | Sheikh Imran Hosein


Sheikh Imran Hosein 2016 : Armageddon – The Road to World War 3.



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  1. The Aryan Race are not German white with blue eyes…. This is the problem North America’s education was high jacked by unlicensed lobby… We are not even able to learn now in time. All the planet needs, truth more than ever we struggle, the more we are being forced to follow. Where you go should be as the creator designed up to you. As words go as education levels haemorrhaging, politics, rule of law and the very mortal edict, "One world power" are the booty of evolutionist. This will not ever be enough by design… Creation is from our soul because we are in Gods image loved by Jesus who righteously claimed you as his very own. Be the light you are meant to be… No longer the arrogance of challenging Hell… Choose heaven on earth as it is in heaven…

  2. All Land is Holy … only, even more so human life….
    How can I explain the things of heaven,"Holy" when you can't even understand the things of earth.
    All land is…
    All humans are…
    as you so choose.

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