Arrest of CIA’s Davis in Pakistan Confirms Illuminati Behind Terror


This story is being downplayed because it rips the mask from the US government’s face. Our “defenders” are also the terrorists. Davis was working with the same terror groups Western forces are supposed to be fighting

by David Richards

The ‘war on terror’ is a con and in reality the Illuminati play the role of both terrorists and defenders in a dialectic to advance their NWO agenda. The CIA and most intelligence agencies serve the Illuminati bankers, not the countries that fund them.

The recent arrest of CIA agent Raymond Davis in Pakistan reveals that Davis was working with with terrorist groups.


Last month, Davis was driving through the busy streets of Lahore when two young Pakistani men on motorbikes drove past him. He opened fire on the men, shooting them in the back through his windscreen. He then got out of his vehicle, walked over to the injured cyclists and pumped five bullets into each man.

Knowing he was in trouble, Davis phoned for reinforcements but by the time they arrived, outraged local Pakistanis blocked his escape and secured his arrest.

At the police station, Davis claimed he was being robbed and had acted in self-defense. However, Pakistani police searched his car and found a make-up kit, long-range radio, a GPRS system and a cell phones containing photographs of sensitive target locations. He’s a CIA agent.

Obama has claimed that Davis is an American diplomat entitled to diplomatic immunity. However, the US blundered their story from the beginning, first claiming he was an ’employee of the US Consulate General Lahore’ and then later a member of the ‘administrative and technical staff of the US Embassy Islamabad’.

Then Davis claimed he worked for a security firm called Hyperion LLC, under a contract with the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan. But the BBC reported that Hyperion exists only as a website, and its offices in Orlando have been vacant for several years. The numbers on its website are unlisted. i.e. it is a CIA front.

The men he killed were revealed to be ISI agents who were trying to arrest Davis. Davis gunned them down rather than surrender.

Pakistan is in a furor. The incident is viewed as the intentional and cold-blooded murders of innocent men. Davis personifies the immunity the American military has to murder Pakistani citizens at will. Outside his jail huge crowds have gathered demanding justice. They have burned effigies of him.

To further inflame public sentiment, a widow of one of the dead men committed suicide by eating rat poison. Before dying she told reporters, “I do not expect any justice from this government. That is why I want to kill myself.” Her last recorded words were “I want blood for blood.”

The public demand for justice is so strong that many fear the already weak Pakistani government will be torn to pieces by it’s own people if they hand Davis back to the Americans.


We are told we must intervene in Afghanistan and Pakistan to combat terrorists. This high profile story has the potential to smash that paradigm. Davis was working with the same terror groups Western forces are supposed to be fighting.

The Daily Telegraph reported that Davis is the ‘acting head of the CIA in Pakistan’. He ‘claimed one of his main tasks was to keep the CIA network intact in the tribal areas where al-Qaeda militants operate, and that he was familiar with their local languages.’

‘Telephone records suggest he was in contact with Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and the Pakistan Taliban in South Waziristan.’

Lashkar-e-Jhangvi have committed a long list of horrendous crimes. In 2002, two members of the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi bombed the International Protestant Church in Islamabad during a church service, killing five people and wounding 40.

The Pakistani government have claimed that the murder of iconic Pakistani president Benazir Bhutto in 2007, along with the murder of 20 others in Rawalpindi was orchestrated by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.

Pakistan is an Islamic nation with nuclear weapons so it is targeted for destruction and disarmament by the global power elite. Organizations like Lashkar-e-Jhangvi are designed to create chaos in Pakistan, to fracture the country into smaller, more easily manageable pieces to ease Pakistani’s integration into the NWO.

It is also likely that Davis was researching targets for drone attacks. Since 2004, the US military have sent unmanned aircraft to bomb strategic locations in Pakistan. The drones increasingly are controlled by computer game whiz-kids recruited into the army.

Drones attack opponents of military operations in Afghanistan. They also attack conservative regions in Pakistan which are resistance to change.

If you search the drone target lists, one area that crops up repeatedly is South Waziristan. Wikipedia describes the social life of this region:

‘The tribes are divided into sub-tribes governed by male village elders who meet in a tribal jirga. Socially and religiously, Waziristan is an extremely conservative area. Women are carefully guarded, and every household must be headed by a male figure. Tribal cohesiveness is strong through so-called Collective Responsibility Acts in the Frontier Crimes Regulation.’

The Illuminati Satanists are waging a war on Islam. The local men of South Waziristan are warriors and refuse to allow the destruction of their culture. Their leaders are assassinated and referred to in our media as ‘Al-Qaeda leaders.’


Raymond Davis faces an uncertain future. The Pakistani government will not want to anger the US by trying and executing him,  because Pakistan receives a $3 billion aid package annually from the US, which no doubt lines the pockets of government leaders.

However, an outraged public may make it politically unfeasible to hand Davis back to the US. The Pakistani government also has pressure from it’s own secret services, the ISI, to prosecute him.

The ISI’s motivation stems from recent rifts with the CIA. A recent example being the ISI’s fury at the CIA implicating them in the Mumbai bombings. The Washington Post recently reported that the ISI is ready to split with the CIA.

Possibly the case will be drawn out over many months until public anger dies down and Davis can be safely escorted home.

This story is huge in Pakistan but it has been under-reported in the West because it is dangerous.

Look at photographs of Raymond Davis and you will see why. He is an all-American looking man. Understanding this story rips the mask from the US government’s face. Our defenders are also funding and organizing the terrorists.


Makow comment: In the Western context, false flag terror is used as a pretext by the Illuminati bankers to wage war against the general populace. They must translate their monopoly over government credit into a monopoly over everything. In other words, “terror” is an excuse to enslave us.

Mankind has been colonized by a satanic cult, the Illuminati, empowered by the central banking and associated cartels.Our “leaders” are traitors and collaborators.  Selling your soul to the devil, wittingly or unwittingly, is a prerequisite for success.

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  1. AREMIC says:

    ANTY NWO !!


  3. dann rivera says:

    If you worship me I will give you the kingdoms of this world. ILLUMINATI, FREEMASON, BILDELGERG, ETC, ETC, are Satanic cults. The kingdoms of this world belong to them!

  4. kashif says:

    behind everything in the world including japan earthquake the article of this author seem,s to imply is the hand of “lashkar e jhangavi”!
    if you have shia beliefs than take out your anger against sunni organisations elsewhere,why in this forum?

  5. Rachel Emmes says:

    There are so many adversities throughout the world today and most are caused by the egos of those who consider themselves to be the elite of society with the ability to manipulate the populace. The only real strain of democracy still afforded to us is the right to vote and in thie vein I beg all to consider, rather than revolution or the continuance of focusing on the negatives who try to control us and for their agendas, rather focus on political reform. Support the petition at which seeks a referendum from the High Court of Australia. Read the book at the website, this is the blue print for transparent and accountable government. NB proceeds from the sale of the book will fund the appeal to the High Court and the establishment of The Australian Alliance of Political Independents. Stop whinging and start acting before we lose more ground and assets to adverse entities.

  6. I wrote my comment on Illuminate on March 6, 2011 at 9.00 pm but its heading appeared as Shahid regarding Saleem due to some ERROR which should have been Shahid Saleem regarding Raymond Davis. Readers please correct it. Thanks and Regards.

  7. Shahid regarding Saleem says:

    Arrest of Raymond Davis, a CIA agent working terrorist activities and organising suicidal activities throughout Pakistan has exposed the United States” policy of political, econimical and indistrial hegemonyover smaller and natural resources rich countries tto dictate its policies through bribery, threats and intimidation. And also to forcebly get increase in taxes, prices of essential consumer goods to socialyy, politically crumble the people of those countries particularly muslim countries.
    On arrest of Raymond Davis 41 different ID cards issued from US embassies in Islamabad, Lahore and Peshawar regarding his work and identity.He used at least 3 names and the US embassy in Pakistan used its official position in Raymond Davis’s dubious characterisation. This, ofcourse, is neither diplomatic or ambassodorial duty as prescribed in geneva conventions of diplomatic amenities of 1961 and 1963.
    The US president and entire administration should not indulge in such ilegal and dubious activities to just support an international terrorist even then he has been ‘created supported or ‘commanded’ by the US administration.
    Raymond Davis has been remanded in judicial lock up and a strong judicial case of cold blooded murder, spying and killing of innocent people exists against him. The US and UK media has proved that Raymond Davis is or has never been a diplomat and is only known the world over as a ”terrorist and terrorism organiser”.

  8. Gríma Wormtongue's Sidekick says:

    Lucky Saint Luis correctly identifies the problem. We all need to be focussed on the Root Evil: This small band of probably a few hundred at the most who manipulate people through religions cults and (pork barrel) politics. They must enlist from their marks because they are so few. Let us all forget about Fear and Greed and do what ancient Iberian communities did to those who took some of the harvest for themselves (they put them to death). Let us all be focussed on our collective enemy and persue our quarry with ruthless precision. Let us Decapitate this Medusa. It can be done. It just takes us all to forget about Fear and Greed. Then we can build a True World Order.

  9. the moment anybody got knowledge about a force fighting the true human evil in the back of money emission this would be news, worth reading and maybe even joining. All you last minute “revealer” shall know that this knowledge is going in useless cirlces for at least 60 years already. Means in fact we are a bunch of worms and easy to direct into consumption, politics or religions or held back by all these zombies not wanting to loose the little they have (mainly debt and illusions).
    While than such reported just get on the mountain and next news to come endlessly.

  10. The illuminati bankers are the personification of evil and are the devils advocate. They are running a gigantic pyramid scam. Central Bank Notes, stupidly called money are bills of credit and are backed up by nothing but faith and credit or smoking mirrors. They are hiding behind a corporation which is not a live person. It is a ficticious entity. A vehicle to commit fraud. The corrupt politicians and lawyers are their surogates. The political leaders have sold the people out to high finance. Banking is a secret science. No transparency, no accountability. They even own the main stream news media. The only solution is for the masses to revolt against this corrupt system by organizing peaceful demonstrationsas follows: 1-Picketing 2-National boycotts 3-Flyers 4-National Strikes 5-Underground Cash and Barter Economy 6-Townhall Meetings. The international bankers must be purged from power by Nationalizing the Central Banks. The people that control the monetary and banking system cannot live off the masses when the banks are nationalized. They are International. They hold no alegence to any country. In order to live, they must operate in a host country where they can be a parasite. The international bankers must be tried before the World Court and charged with intrinsic and constructive fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, check kiting and counterfeigting. When I go to a bank to secure financing, they require collateral. Where is the chattel base for all the treasury bonds, notes and bills that the governments are floating or issuing? They are creating money from debt. That’s fraud. The bankers should be held to the same standards as everyone else. The bankers can loan out 8 times the money they have in reserve on demand deposits and 10 times the money they have in reserve on time deposits. They rely on not all the depositers demanding all their money at ounce or a run on the banks. It’s a confidence game.

  11. Abaddon says:

    Is the Illuminati another name for the Devil? What is sure, the world is in great darkness, and getting darker by the day. The global problems are immeasurable, the divisions are without number, and the spirit of foreboding is everywhere. The human tendency is to seek the cause of it all, to look for a solution, is it an individual, i.e. the Devil? a group i.e. the illuminati? the Zionists? the Muslims? the Bankers? A political/financial cartel? is it Imperialism? MI6, Mossad, CIA, Russians,China? The Vatican? or is it more, much more. Or is it everything and everyone. Are not ALL of those just mentioned responsible to some degree or another, we are all quick to point the finger elsewhere as we seek to satisfy ourselves with some scapegoat so that we can lay the blame at THEIR door, take note; when you point the finger at others, three of those fingers are pointing our way. Are we not all to blame? Who voted for these people? Who buys their products knowing they are made from exploited cheap labour, etc. Who supports this greedy corrupt system, we all do. The vast majority puts up with it and says nothing. We have gotten the world that we deserve, and now that we have it, everybody is seeking to blame everybody else. That just about sums up who is to blame. WE ALL ARE.

  12. dfgdf says:


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