ARRIVAL (Aliens Movie, 2016) – Final TRAILER


Check out the mysterious final trailer of Denis Villeneuve (Prisoners, Sicario) new movie starring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner! ☆ The Must-See Movies are …


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  1. Boring, shit movie.

  2. Ippo2k16 says:

    this is like from one of those monster animated films

  3. First Last says:

    This movie succcccccckkkkkkkked.

  4. gangadhar d says:

    this film revolves around alien ring .

  5. boring movie financed by china

  6. skinny pete says:

    Who is this child?" It's then that you realize that during the
    present-day action of the movie, Louise has never had a child. Has never
    lost one. Has never been married. The sequence at the beginning of the
    film happens after her mission, but now she can see into her
    "future." Or, rather, she sees her whole life on a non-linear timeline.
    Renner's character Ian, who she works alongside in the mission, is the
    man she falls in love with later, marries, and shares Hannah with. The
    identity of the father is hidden until the last act, to throw you off
    the scent of the non-linear storytelling.
    Thus, this "alien" story really becomes one of the life choices a
    person would make if they could see how their life turned out — the
    good, the bad, and the ugly.

  7. skankhunt 42 says:

    biggest pile of shit ever.plot "aliens come to earth so we get scientist etc to try and learn the language to communicate to stop war……ending she can see into the future.what a pile of shit. amazing up untill you find that out.shpuld have ended the film 30 mins early.

  8. @3:00 you people give Pakistan a screen on time !!! Where is India who is going to watch your movie in Pakistan !! There are 10000 times more screens in India


  9. the worst movie I've seen all year! they talk to giant octopus through a window

  10. Bergonath says:

    Spoilers, spoilers everywhere… I feel sorry for the poor bastards who watched this before the movie.

  11. C'ome on says:

    when ever scientists come up with somet like 'aliens could be coming to earth, or somethings been found. they always have to make a movie!!!

  12. Wait so the aliens is going to kill them because i watch the movie and it its confusing

  13. Mancraft says:


  14. Carajo maracay xD

  15. aliens are real and THEY WANT OUR BEER!!!!! WE MUST STOP THEM!!

  16. IF aliens did come to take over earth i imagine it would be non-violent and rather boring they render the human race sterile and let us slowly go extinct

  17. I seriously don't know when I'll be able to watch this movie, but one thing I'm sure about; is that I can't freakin' wait to do just that…sit my a** down and watch it. sigh

  18. Isn't Amy what's her name the one who hates Americans?I won't watch her films.

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