Arrival – Ending Explained


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  1. HindiRapGuru says:

    I still did not get the answer after watching the film "WHY ARE THEY HERE?" Can someone explain please, thank you!

  2. pacman932 says:

    this movie definitely was confusing, depending on who you ask they may have a different take lol

  3. Very well depicted , answered a few questions I had- I LOVED IT! First movie Ive ever been to by myself and so glad I did! Was able to fully absorb 100% of my attention on the film which made the experience so much better! Thankyou for your rendition! Good job!

  4. GD Lucky says:

    I just saw this movie, and it's definitely my favorite movie of 2016, I'm gonna go see it again this weekend

  5. Jont Noneya says:

    You're still thinking as time being linear. Expand your ideas of time to where everything, absolutely everything has happened in the now….all possibilities. I find it helpful to think of a filmstrip. When you look at it, out of a camera, it's a series of still images and the only way motion is detected is by flashing images faster than our eye can perceive. If all realities exist now and are really static images, then our movement through time is simply jumping from one reality to the next….but this is done so quickly that we don't perceive it. Not 24 frames per second like the movies more like BILLIONS of times per second or faster.

    Time isn't a dimension like the 3 dimensions we know. Time is a made up concept to mark our passage through various realities. The perceived speeding up and slowing down of time attest to this. Do some research on a Tesseract – Carl Sagan did a great talk on this and it represents the 3-d representation of a 4-d object.

    There is also a great subreddit called Dimensional Jumping that explores this concept in greater detail and provides tools for experiencing how you can consciously make these jumps happen.

    Expand your mind and your analysis and you'll find the rabbit hole goes very deep.

  6. Arrival with the music from Interstellar really confused me

  7. zjapp says:

    Interstellar soundtrack haha

  8. unrhu says:

    No one seems to understand this but the circle does not represent a loop, it represents no beginning or end. Infinite.

  9. You did a good job trying to explain this movie. I loved this movie so much.

  10. xYondaimexJD says:

    You missed the connection between the heptapod's non-linear non-sequential language and their perception of time. The ability is not something the heptapods gave to any one person. Amy Adam's character mentions this when she has her dialogue with Jeremy Renner's character that when a person immerses himself/herself in another language, the brain rewires itself and that person starts perceiving things differently. The gift from the heptapods was their language itself which after spending months completely immersed in it, Amy Adams was able to transcend the limits of time in a sequential manner and start perceiving it in the non-linear sense. It is not time-travel, but rather the ability to see all events transpire whenever and wherever.

  11. Such a powerful movie.

  12. Skooma Much says:

    with this director.. can't wait for Blade Runner 2

  13. Well said, short and sweet not like 20 minutes long. awesome!

  14. Larry Smith says:

    now that I think of it. it reminds me of a deeper and further thought of the movie "Edge of tomorrow" she basically was able to live the right path to make the right decision. I like the movie maybe I'm thinking to out the box let me know?

  15. David Reid says:

    I suggest reading Ted Chiang's short story "Story of Your Life" on which the film is based. It explains in more detail a lot of the concepts in the movie and these are based firmly in science and philosophy.

  16. I still dont get it.
    i guess no one does.
    ….to help humanity?
    by doing what ?
    …by uniting the world and not using the weapons ?
    ….well, if the Aliens didnt arrive,
    no one would have tp use the weapons.

    why let human learn to comunicate ? Aren't human the more primitive race here ?
    Shouldn't the nore advance race teach the less ?

  17. An alien 3000 years only equals to 100 years in human. lol

  18. Derek E says:

    What song is playing during your title intro?

  19. Does anyone know where I can get the full text of the quote spoken my the Banks character near the end of the film? She says something like "if you knew it was going to end… would you do it anyway?"… Saw the film a few hours ago and it's been bugging me since!

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