Arrival Film Exposed: Total Antichrist Propaganda (2016) #WhyAreTheyHere #Arrival


Ted Chiang, the author of the story adapted to the film Arrival, set to release on 11.11.2016, is staunchly antichrist in his worldview. #WhyAreTheyHere …


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  1. interesting video..great's another DeBerry theory…all the talk about end times, wars and rumours of war, pestilence, drought, earthquakes have been happening..God is about revealing truth, how long has it been for discovery of evidence that he exists coming to light? there are those that need evidence before they can believe,not me, but…how do we know mankind will remain in existence for another 10,000 years until every piece of evidence that is buried in the earth that validates and verifies all the events that coincide with the Bible? there maybe tons more buried in the earth down to even the tablets God etched to Moses to the 1% of the ocean that we explored and the depth and vastness is a mystery…there may be much more, I think the further technology and science progresses it will only be for the purpose of showing evidence of God…his wisdom is light years ahead…there may be even more convincing evidence waiting if what we have so far is not enough to convict some nonbelievers…

  2. Thanks for your insight!

  3. the powers that think they're writing history led by Satan are rushing the end because he's ready to rule but his plan is not separate from God's, he is included in it also, he deceived those who believe him into thinking he has independent from God…and only we have to submit…like he doesn't…Satan is an arrogant fool…FLTS ur videos are always deep on many levels…that's y I get into them and I get something out of them…thanks

  4. Obad Infante says:

    You still don't get it tho. Think about it Yahweh is not the god of the bible the Holy Scriptures or the god Abraham, Isaac or Jacobs god. YaH = Power or what we think of as God. Weh is the description of the type or which god or power he is. Yahweh is Iehova or Jehova same thing is actually Ieh = power and hova = mischief,destruction,calamity,ruin etc. like Obadiah. Obad means servant and Iah or Ieh= power or what we know as god. so when he says Yahweh didn't mind us going up to the top of the tower creating the tower and we where doing his will right its because it was Satan. Satan=Yahweh. And the Real name which is in Exodus 3:14 right the name given to Moses that Power the power of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob punished and split all the tongues. i hope you get it stop ignorantly calling Our Power what we call God Yahweh when his name is "I am That I am" right translated to Ancient Hebrew Ahayah Asher Ahayah = I am that I am Exodus 3:14 straight from Our Powers Mouth as it where. Yahweh was inserted when infact he was a Caainanite god. do your research tho. Bible says prove all things. and continue the work allot of good info on your channel Gonz. i don't expect you to know this bit of information so I'm giving it to you its up to you to follow thru and research it. allot of scholars have information on this subject i can point you to them. remember Satan has many names. The Most High only has one. And those that have his name written on their foreheads and sealed will be saved. so its very important that you know it. i would think so right.

  5. svborek 1975 says:

    just curious to this thought. if the earth wasn't flat, k , then how would Jesus when He comes be seen by all the world. bible says He will come from the North and every1 will see Him on His return.

  6. HOPROPHETA says:

    Flat Earth FACT does not equate TRUTH. The facts of flat earth adds up and many scriptures speak to this fact. This may lead some non believers to intelligent design theory but they may accept an impostor and a messianic poseur if they do not first accept the truth of Christ. He is all that matters. Lose sight of the truth and focus merely on facts you will be deceived. The enemy included facts with deception when he approached Eve. Lies plus facts equals deception. The writer referenced facts plus lies to equal deception. Facts to entice, lies to entrap. #Wake Up

  7. Excel Chukwu says:

    thanks for this eye opener

  8. yqa free says:

    I might disagree with you Gonz about the FE, I don't believe in many things that FErs are pushing but the space fraud and evidence are compelling for a few things. However I was really astounded at how well you reminded people about the Gospel and found that amazing article.

  9. SOULJAH CITY says:

    Got a lot from this video, thank you

  10. I think it's really weird it's coming out on 11/11.

  11. David G says:

    Its very clear the sun is round.. we all see it everyday… moon round … how the heck can the earth be flat.. better WHY?? .. Stupid statement made by stupid people
    . And for what reason.. just misdirection.. smoke and mirrors ..

  12. David G says:

    Or we are living in a Truman Show

  13. "The gospel message is way more vital than the nuances of the creation."
    Really, Gonz? Do people not realize how many millions of people have been led away from the Creator specifically because they have chosen the false unproveable narrative of the Big Bang/ Heliocentrism/ Globe model.
    The biblical creation model is THE ONLY ONE that can be observed, proven in experimentation, and communicated to people of all ages. It also is intrinsically tied to our resurrection. I'd say understanding the 400+ verses that describe and state the shape and details of the creation are VERY IMPORTANT. Millions of people, my friend, reject God BECAUSE they think the Bible's not an accurate description of creation, and they think this because they have (we all have) been taught a different model since birth.

  14. Above us is the 2nd heaven. where evil fallen spirits dwell. Above that is the third Heaven which no man has seen.

  15. 8Anya8 says:

    The apostate worldly wise church that flocks to videos like this are already walking in strong delusions and will not awake till they descend into hell.

  16. thanks for bringing this to our attention. I'm going to stay away from all of these movies. I saw a trailer for one called 5th wave, I think. it was showing the end times and the results on earth of the seals being opened but they were calling it an alien invasion. I'm so grateful the Holy Spirit has opened my eyes to these deceptions and yours. keep spreading the truth & God bless you.

  17. First time commenting on your channel, I would like to say I totally appreciate the work you do bringing all this information to believers and 'pre-believers' to paint a clearer biblical worldview picture.

    I just wanted to ask if you have been following the Wikileaks hacks. According to a recent Wikileaks dump of 2000 emails on Friday, belonging to the Hillary Clinton's Campaign. Emails sent to John Podesta from astronaut Edgar Mitchel confirm the existence of 'Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence' (ETI) who are interested in providing a clean energy source (Zero Point energy). This email from Mitchel also talks about the Vatican's knowledge of ETI's and meeting with President Obama to discuss ZPE. The great deception is coming into play like what had been discussed on your channel. Again, I'm really thankful for your YouTube channel, as well as many others, to give us proper biblical discernment in regards to the coming events. Keep fighting the good fight, God Bless!

  18. Great channel and great work. You are a credit to all christians. Both we and you christians await the return of Jesus Christ Peace Be Upon Him, some of you believe we (muslims) are the anti-Christ that He returns to fight while we (muslims) believe He will return to fight the anti-Christ by gathering an army of whats left of the believers. That means we muslims are awaiting Jesus Christ PBUH to return and gather whats left of you and whats left of us to go fight the Beast. Maybe somebody should do an episode on that? Peace from a muslim.

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