ARRIVAL – International Trailer (HD)


Taking place after alien crafts land around the world, an expert linguist is recruited by the military to determine whether they come in peace or are a threat.


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  1. Pedro Luz says:

    Seriously, go read the short novel upon which this movie is based on. 39 pages, awesome reading.

    "Story of your life – Ted Chiang"

  2. 2:12 – Why Siberia is presented in the film as a state?! Siberia is a region of Russia.
    I feel that this film is another anti-Russian propaganda.

  3. I like the direction this movie is taking. Not making the Aliens automatically bad but more like explorers finding other life in the universe for the first time. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  4. Fug Babylon says:

    More alien propagand! Coming soon to unite the world for Satan and his minions

  5. pedro muñoz says:

    Only in Hollywood America is the last country to shoot

  6. i….need to se this

  7. DigiDrop says:


  8. NecumNaTo says:

    omg why does trailers always spoil the entire movie…

  9. Simmlex says:

    This looks really interesting.
    I hope the film will be like that as well.

  10. LiLMARSLI says:

    Why do we have to watch the entire films in trailers every time? I don't know what can be surprising while watching it.

  11. MrInfantis says:

    … continuation of ALF

  12. JonteG says:


  13. Oliver F. says:

    SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT! … No? .. Was dissapointed…

  14. trying to figure out what she says at 1:43 is it "offer my pendum" ?… :/

  15. Your hidden messages are can not be affraid(whatever)…ur bullshit subliminalss…11.11…hah…Winner is the creator of this challenge…u will see when that day come…

  16. saw hackeye and thought it was the new avengers movie

  17. do we even see the aliens or is this another melodrama for 2 hours with no moneyshot?

  18. So is linguistics going to be a major theme in a movie? That sounds like an interesting perspective.

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