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  1. fico marquez says:

    that great awesome wow…. stream NOW(

  2. Dylan Burger says:

    Movie was absolutely incredible.

  3. Just saw today, Amy was great and the movie was fresh and not so predictable like many alien movies…

  4. This isn't the fucking soundtrack.

  5. Arrival was a great movie; one of the best movies narrow minded people have ever made. The soundtrack was incredible. Louise's story was heartwarming. I almost don't want to see that movie again, it was so good.

  6. JAZZ says:

    This is the trailer music. By Ninja Tracks I believe.

  7. Raul Moreno says:

    If you knew your life, with all its happiness and tragedies, would you still live it?!

  8. Zatracenec says:

    Saw it today. Just incredible out of cliché stuff! Track is great, but I´m not sure if this is in the movie.

  9. Just saw this film. Amy Adams is blood fantastic in this one.

  10. eric brown says:

    It is one of those films you want to love alot. First half is great , second half is still good but just not satisfying.

  11. Dennis Haupt says:

    i watched it and didn't understand the plot.
    do not read if you do not want to now

    even assuming that learning the alien language makes you see the future:
    * why did the woman still decide to get a child that would die horribly instead of getting pregant one month later? it would have solved the problem
    * she got the power to see the future, and used it exactly once and then never again
    * if the aliens can see the future what do they need humans for?
    * why did the aliens not learn any human language before they came? this would have prevented the ridiculous misunderstanding

  12. prudhvi raj says:

    what is the name of this soundtrack?

  13. Um, none of this was in the film. Wake up, people!! Not even in the credits!

  14. quiksix25 says:

    This movie is good and more like it should be made… but it's hard to like when the short story "Story of Your Life" by Ted Chiang is so much better in so many ways. Forget all the China and soldiers Hollywood filler- read the short story that the movie was based on!!!

  15. LeCoinDePolo says:

    the music has a little ressemblance with Interstellar and it's really good!

  16. W says:

    Just saw the movie, it`s fine and good but nothing special at all. The stroy isn`t really fresh , except you you compare it to the other alien blockbuster(independce day, LA invasion, that kind of trash), but acceptable. The ending seems to be a solution part fot the dumb masses.Although the music was really good and right chosen.

  17. Are you fucking serious -.-

  18. ReV20 says:

    Wtf is this shit. This is definitely not the soundtrack.

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