Arrival of Nana Akuffo Addo at BlackStar Square for His Swearing in Ceremony



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  1. Dady u are welcome,welcome

  2. Tina Cela says:

    oooh Daddy welcome ooo

  3. Salt Salt says:

    My God is great eiii Nana is president now my present Nana Addo you are welcome

  4. Nana you are the best

  5. daddy ur expectation had come through

  6. Ida Asante says:

    oooh Awurade ye da wo'ase

  7. Eva Ofori says:

    woow am very happy god bless u Nana addo

  8. Alice Mensah says:

    The Lord has spoken

  9. Father may God grant you, You're welcome in Jesus name.

  10. Hmmmmmmm God is good, Nana Addo your welcome. God loves Ghana, we are blessed

  11. God's President for Ghana, ur welcome!


  13. In God's own time ?he make things beautiful.God help Nana.

  14. indeed, God is great and He only has the final say. Nana akwaaba. God be with you.

  15. Men cannot touch God's destiny for his children

  16. Irene Abban says:

    The battle is indeed for the lord

  17. nana God bless you biggest love

  18. ooh God we tank u for what u have done for Ghanaians. we are soo great full God.

  19. In his own time, he make all things beautiful, glory be to Our most High God for lifting our burden from us, Nana you are welcome, Nyankopɔn nhyira Nana Addo ne Ɔman Ghana, proudly Ghanaian

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