Arrival Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Amy Adams Movie


Starring: Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker Arrival Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Amy Adams Movie Taking place after alien crafts land around the …


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  1. why Maracay Venezuela?

  2. Crappy Nappy says:

    This looks good surprisingly

  3. britbloc123 says:

    "Someone get me the Ghostbusters"

  4. War Zone says:

    Renner has same hair in all of his movies, almost

  5. Jhang H says:

    What a surprise, the Russians are shown as the one the makes everything worse. Pretty sure it won't happen like that if it was in real life.

  6. CJ Rocky says:

    gee thanks trailer for showing me the whole movie!

  7. thecrowrains says:

    Communication ~ something entirely outside our sphere of knowledge when dealing with 'other life', has been egregiously overlooked by the plethora of films collecting proverbial dust on a shelf somewhere in Hollywood, since time immemorial.

    This is a first for a film showcasing an effort, if that is a fair assessment, by this film to show the IMMENSE chasm of difference that could present itself! Communication will either end or extend the future of mankind if such a cataclysmic, first-contact event were to happen on Earth.

    What many comments [below and surely to follow above] are overlooking is that very few select nations have the technological means to establish 'communication' with alien life from beyond our planet, the top two being the United States* and Russia*.

    *In reality the very existence of mankind would rest on those two nations and the decisions they make in such a hypothetical.

    Prior to clicking this trailer's video, I was expecting the zingy one-liners with Top Gun style frat-dudes flying "schnazzy fighter craft" to fight the aliens, but in reality "fighting" might very well be the last thing we humans have (aka no chance in hell) to wage against alien life outside our planet! We would probably die in a nanosecond if alien life from some distant solar system landed! Think about it = they land here from another system so they theoretically have superior "technology" to snuff all of mankind out in a heartbeat!

    Or, back to my initial knee-jerk reaction is that I am correct that yes, the final fifteen minutes of this film with have that cool, "Independence Day-esque" air battle with a single hero a-la-Will Smith saving the day, followed by that Tom Cruise-esque hero guzzling down a Budweiser to celebrate downing another bogie with his wits and skill in a Bruce Willis-esque ground fight with his trusty Glock and cat-like reflex, all whist driving his trusty Dodge Charger replete with ugly orange paint-job yodeling "Rebel Yell"!

    "Hell those space aliens cannot defend themselves from a trusty Glock or Smith & Wesson, hell no!

    Even IF they just landed from another solar system billions of light years away but them-thar-space aliens will always be unprepared FOR THAT.

  8. hateUmankind says:

    Russian not evil but US Hmm..

  9. 1:28 ..why the hell they would land up in Delhi where we have Kejri.

  10. Matheo Lucas says:

    liability mine counterpart dkxbhr select

  11. I want to like this but it just screams so much fail and low budget…

  12. Vikas Mehta says:

    reminds me of "the day earth stood still".

  13. Geochrizz says:

    wtf is this ufo looks like a dildo

  14. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 2:02 ''Russia just executed one to keep (…)" GUYS GUESS WHAT! RUSSIA IS THE BAD GUY AGAIN! You Americans cant think of anything else than making Russia the bad guy in EVERY MOVIE OF YOURS? Some1 must tell you that we know YOU are the ones that start Wars for nothing…Idiots…

  15. I bet that is that kind of movie that is good till the shitty ending ruins everything

  16. Where is Clark or Keanu when aliens come and Lois gets trouble?!

  17. Oh, so it's not a remake of the shape-shifter, backward-knee aliens from the 90s.

  18. Ethan Radd says:

    After this guy directed Prisoners and Sicario I had huge expectations, this looks kinda subpar

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