ARRIVAL Official Trailer #2 (2016) Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner Sci-Fi Movie


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  1. Blukeyy says:

    Showed too much, first trailer did it just right

  2. looking forward for this one.

  3. WIL SUPER says:

    Okay, whoever wrote this movie had to gain some inspiration by the graphic novel TREES.

  4. raptorekpl says:

    Oh, come on! They've already figured it out in Encounters of the Third Kind. Just play those notes… G, A, F, F down an octave, C. And all will be fine.

  5. loweyvlogs says:

    like Rick and Morty show me what you got

  6. I pay to see anything that Amy Adams,  That red head is smoking!

  7. It is between Aliens and Independence Day if you ask me!

  8. Peter Parker says:

    I feel like I just watched this whole movie in 2 minutes, but it looks good.

  9. Jam Chua says:

    always like amy adams since enchanted. yes i said it!

  10. richiexp2 says:

    This would make a good TV series.

  11. PC160 says:

    I guess with out the fear factor of "global war", there wouldn't be any reason to make any "science fiction" movies.

  12. Replacement standard solar blue African-American

  13. George Gibbs says:

    Sir, I suggest calling the Autobots…

  14. o0bluemilk0o says:

    this looks fabulous!

  15. Finally! A movie about a linguist doing what he's good at… Trying to systemize something from doodles xD

  16. Jon Dixon says:

    Thumbs down!!! Too much

  17. 2:02 – This guy should just release the Arc Net Shield to protect the earth

  18. Shitzer9 says:

    I like forest

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