Arrival | The Swimmer | 1 hour (Max Richter)


I edited and cut this part from Arrival’s OST and made it one hour long. Enjoy it as I do.
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Name: The Swimmer
Author: Max Ricther
Movie: Arrival
Year: 2016


Max Richter




42 Responses

  1. ReturnTrip says:

    here is our language, be back in 3000 years…k bye

    -the end

  2. lukeijzer says:

    Also been used in Shutter Island

  3. josh clarke says:

    Interstellar is a great movie

  4. Abbot lives on as Squidward in Spongebob Squarepants

  5. The beginning feels like listening to Schindler's list's tune, but then it transcends and becomes something breathtaking.
    I felt nothing could beat Interstellar and Arrival arrived.

  6. This is really a beautiful song, but I think it sounds exactly the same like This Bitter Earth ft. Dinah Washington from his album On the Nature of Daylight, just without the lyrics though.

  7. LeWydadi says:

    lame and overrated

  8. whiskey 4 says:

    what kind of music is this classified as? i wanna find more like it on spotify, is it just under classical? or string instruments? soundtracks is too broad

  9. Reuben Cf says:

    ASMR manufacturer

  10. oOcitizenOo says:

    Gosh, it's beautiful. It kinda reminds me of brilliant Mansell's "Fountain" music.

  11. Maaz Sharief says:

    " I've had my head tilted up to the stars for as long as I can remember….. You know what surprised me most? It wasn't meeting them…. It was meeting you…"

  12. My oscar goes to arrival

  13. Sami Danış says:

    Holy shit I cant listen to this music for too long it makes me so sad

  14. Why is this song and On The Nature of Daylight from Max Richter not included in the soundtrack? These songs are key to the movie itself!

  15. ozzieu01 says:

    Great song, but I think it fits "Disconnect" better.

  16. mad max says:

    Movie was bullshit sorry. but good soundtrack

  17. arqavan f says:

    this movie is my favorite alien invasion, I don't care if its not about the aliens that much, its the best and most positive presentation of aliens who come to unite humanity, not to kill them, made such a huge impact on me. its a peaceful view of life, embracing the destiny regardless of difficulties and keeping going with love, accepting the differences between people, and avoid judging eachother.
    special thanks to Denis villeneuve, Amy adams, Eric heissurer, Bradford young, johann johannson, Joe walker, and of course Ted chiang!

  18. This is the only song that I have cried to in my life

  19. Jim Knopf says:

    it 6:30 in the morning I just just don't get tired. What's wrong with me

  20. OSCEG says:


  21. Pete Jimenez says:

    I thought this tune was called…. The Nature of Daylight. As it was named when it was is Shutter island.

  22. I'm not crying my eyes are just sweating

  23. Enthios says:

    … the moments when I would breath in your sweet, Smitten scent as you slept soundly next to me; the times when we would drive the back roads, windows down, music soaring behind us as we drove to wherever our hearts led us; tepidly stepping onto an icy river in a forest 2,000 miles away, young and curious and radiant with a newfound love.

    It's been five months. I miss you. I wish I could live time as the heptapods do so that I could transport myself back to when we were together, to those countless nights when I we would lay together and hold each other and whisper words of love and longing for a future that ain't what it used to be.

    But here I am, only human; condemned to love you only with hazy memories and a shattered heart. If only time were One, a traversable loop, the way the heptapods see it; then I would still be with you, and I would at the same time be here in this moment to remember.

    I remember…

  24. "Compassion is when you feel the suffering of all other creatures in your own heart." – Unity documentary

  25. Bill Vreemde says:

    This is the best part of whole soundtrack. It stood with me even after the film ended.

  26. I think the song's name is On the surface of daylight. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  27. I feel that if I do not listen to this song daily that my life appears dull and meaningless. This song is my everything.

  28. Liam Fast says:

    Riveting movie. Also Go subscribe to @Axelle poinsenet and other people with awesome helpful reviews!

  29. 3dJeebs says:

    masterpiece!! this movie is like a language itself, opening our imagination to new feelings, ideas and concepts we wouldn't dream of in the first place.

  30. SchmooClown says:

    did Arrival not get nominated for Best Score oscar because some of the Richter tracks are not originals for the soundtrack? Otherwise ummm can someone please explain why not???

  31. The music has the same atmosphere of emotion and magic of the film. Really beautiful!

  32. Liam Fast says:

    The song is calledvOn the nature of daylight

  33. trcsonic says:

    Arrival, Shutter Island and Disconnect

  34. Hector Roman says:

    Repetitivo, crap!!!!!

  35. Harnoor Kaur says:

    you are my soulmate. Thankyou.

  36. I seriously can't stop thinking about this marvelous MOVIE

  37. I suggest all of you to watch the series "The Leftovers", nice tv show full of Max Richter's music.This track included of course.

  38. İrem S says:

    this music gives me the goosebumps!

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