Arrival to Earth – Transformers [Piano Tutorial] Synthesia // Kyle Landry


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  1. can do even called him Trinity please that I can not find it ? thanks

  2. can you give me this partition please ?

  3. Dislike 100. What do I win?

  4. michael wang says:

    Arrival to earth only starts at 1:15
    anyways, it's a bootiful piece :)

  5. Unable Tony says:

    Anyone get the tingles while listening to this?

  6. Gooseman2k2 says:

    the heavy part starting at 1:35 is glorious!

  7. Fhilip79 says:

    0:20 How do I press key pressed by another hand?

  8. Fairplayer37 says:

    good job man that is the main reason i subscribed YOU ARE WAY TO DAMN GOOD

  9. Arrival to earth?what

  10. Iz Happy says:

    Only bro with the movie

  11. Zach Wedel says:

    this guy doesn't even play it's just a tutorial from an app

  12. What app or website does this guy use to create these covers?

  13. Mark says:

    Sorry im not an octopus lol good song tho

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