Arrivals & Departures on Exevale


Locomotives coming and going. The spilt box 37 is a really resilient loco ,as its hit the deck a few times !


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  1. Good one Andy …the 37 seems to have survived its ground travelling adventures ..that 66 sounded spot on ..and well that 26 competing of course shall have to say also the 125 …they all sounded very good ….cracking video ..Dave

  2. Peter Shaw says:

    Very nice mix of traffic and sounds Andy , the 66 and 37's are great sounding loco's .
    …….Peter .

  3. antman09ful1 says:

    You get move freight on your line Andy than the one down the road. Great stuff Mike.

  4. Willowfs4472 says:

    Great video, nicely done,enjoyed watching.

  5. Nice video Andy, Lot's of variety and some good sound too

  6. Very nice running session Andy…..Loved the class 40 best….Trevor.''

  7. Dunge Wood says:

    Great video Andy
    Really nice selection of sound locos. Luv the 40!
    Be great to see a longer session 🙂

  8. The shot looking down towards the 66 was amazing Andy, fabulous, it looked so lifelike and the sound if it coming towards you was spot on too. A great running session by all who took part, the HST has a fantastic sound to it – love it. ……….Graham

  9. Rob McCrain says:

    Great running session. Rob

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