” Arrivals ” is a Shiite Shiite Propaganda * EXPOSED *


READ: http://greaterjihad.wordpress.com/2010/03/19/arrivals-exposed/ Islam says one way Dajaal controlling people through music . Its ironic how come …


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  1. a moe says:

    I watched the arrivals it was crazy thinking about it now they did us a lot of music and women .. May Allah help us all an guide as ya rab beer let us go astray 🙁

  2. TheMuslim0 says:

    Brother do you have anti islam sites in your desc box?

  3. nui008 says:

    Salaam akhi, please remove the link to the Wiki page. It is a website of disrepute.

  4. gsamahh says:

    salaam alaykum, just to let you know: "wikiislam" is an anti islamic website.
    don't promote them

  5. MilkShaykh01 says:

    @gsamahh Walakumsalam, subhan'Allaah! Jazak'Allaahu khayran for telling me I had no idea

  6. MilkShaykh01 says:

    @nui008 Walakumsalam. Done 🙂

  7. MilkShaykh01 says:

    @TheMuslim0 Which one bro?

  8. TheMuslim0 says:

    The one the people told you about. Its anti islamic. But I see you removed it Alhamdullilah.

  9. MilkShaykh01 says:

    @SuperiorRationalism I have watched all 50 episodes atleast 3 times each, and I can refute each episode one by one but I do not have the time for that. in fact it was the Arrivals that made me come on deen, but after long extensive research I've accepted that its not permissable to watch because of music, women, swearing etc. so I am 'fine'?

  10. MilkShaykh01 says:

    @deathassassin123 Yes. Because if the 12 Shia Imaams were so important, why aren't they mentioned in the Qur'aan?

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