Arrivals Part 15 ( Hollywood and The Promised Land) – Malay Sub


a documentary about the comings of the Antichrist / Dajjal , Imam Mahdi , and the second coming of Jesus ( Nabi Isa ) . A very powerful and unprecedented …


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  1. Zyarav Zany says:

    @tigersforchrist this movie for all religion stupid. not just for islam or Christianity or budha,hindu or anything this movie for the world.

  2. i didnn't understand about da promised land…

  3. i didnn't understand about da promised land…can anyone plz explain..?bahasa melayu pun takpelah…

  4. @izzah4031 The promised land was between two rivers (the two blue rectangles on the Israeli flag) & in the middle was the Jewish star (which symbolizes Israel). In other words, they put their mark on the middle east. They THINK they're going to take it one way or another.

  5. @TheBoaConstrictor95 oohh..thank you for the explanation…:)

  6. semoga Allah membalas setriap kejahatan yg dilakukan oleh orang yahudi..tengok je lah bekas perdana menteri israel sekarang tengah koma dari 2006 lg..Allah sudah membalasnya didunia lagi..

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