Arrivals – Part 19 ( The UFO phenomena )


The Arrivals – Part 19 ( The UFO phenomena )


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  1. oww..that was fake cause i know how the world will end.

  2. @runeflame16 sorry cause i am a filipino so im not good in speaking english

  3. filippp3 says:

    who disliked this video has been brainwashed by the media 😀

  4. People close their minds to what is possible, for example, the guy who made this shit. Obviously has too much time on his hands. I wish conspiracy theorists could get real jobs. Believe what you want to believe, don't believe what they tell you to believe.

  5. Mike OD says:

    Doesn't anyone get it? The reason we are most likely not contacted by an alien presence out in the open is we are a non united population of humans.

  6. hashima777 says:

    @LynchhMobb562 u are so right

  7. @shanebrandall no, open your eyes this all is real.

  8. bgerst23 says:

    @LynchhMobb562 the technology you use today i can tell you is from 1965-70 a fact they have technology in what we would call the year 2055 as for fake alien attack we have our own saucers yes but from lucifer himself how you think they travel walk in the sky they have machines gods throne was on a what you call UFO read Ezekiel

  9. Prince Broly says:

    @LynchhMobb562 not just years ago , 20 years ago to be exact my friend..

  10. Raiken Xion says:

    @LynchhMobb562 I agree with you there, when I first watch the arrivals I felt the same way. It is that deep, but it does have a certain amount of credibility to it. The truth isnt always necessarily going to be good. I believe ur right that the world is divided, where there is good there is also bad. GOD and Satan, but only Good can prevail in the end. I think its better to have faith and believe in GOD than not to at all, we cant presume to have all the answers. Theres is Only one God.

  11. ShadyShadow says:

    kudos to you…i came ended up with the same conclusion…


  13. girlycajun says:

    This is a crying shame, because most of the people do not know of it, and they believe CNN, FOX, etc. Boy are we in trouble.

  14. girlycajun says:

    @filippp3 Yes. The question is how do they unwash their brains? We can't just force them to see this wonderful series. But we can post it as many times as we can so that others will see it and they can make their own minds up, that is if they still have a mind to make up.

  15. humm i´ve readean a book called Erinnerungen an die Zukunft original in german….does someone can discuss about it?

  16. mnady29 says:

    @007coelinha I have this book and many of his other books what you want to discuss

  17. IF it would even be possible without being deleted..or the people broadcasting it being threatened or killed…@_@ :/


  19. balaehnun says:

    i believe this, as america faked going to moon several years back.. wudn't be surprised if they try to prove the existence of aliens and their beliefs, trying to make the whole world go dumb.. when wud their dumb brains stop behaving like a child, and be mature enough to quit playing dramas we used to play when we were 10.. subhanallah!

  20. i wanna ask do these episode have lyrics somewhere on the web cuz they dont have subtitles and i miss alot of what's being said

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