Arrivals Part 6 (Evidence upsetting the Pharaohs )


This series explores the revelations of the religions of the world with regard to the arrival of the Antichrist Dajjal , Imam Al – Mahdi , and the second coming of Christ .


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  1. Insha says:

    @Trishbaron uh… WRONG. Muslims are ALREADY soldiers in a "holy war". This series exposes propaganda BY the West (and global elite).

  2. manubanu says:

    From which movie is that scene whith the egypthian god coming out of the wall?

  3. pricture says:

    @IfItIsAllahsWill Agreed. Alot of ppl think that ANYTHING that symbolizes these ppl is evil, like the Pyramid, the Hexagram, etc but really its just how they are using these things that create evil.

    Like nuclear power, you can power entire cities with it OR you can destroy entire cities with it. xP

  4. what mall is the footage shot in??

  5. Insha says:

    @riyaz827 The Wafa mall I think.

  6. @IfItIsAllahsWill thank You!!

  7. Insha says:

    @Ares3ful says the guy who favorited the video "Adolf Hitler tribute – Feel the Power, See the Glory!". I think we know who is the liar and who tells the truth here. 😉

  8. @IfItIsAllahsWill it's the Wafi mall in Dubai!!!

  9. Insha says:

    @MsSoukaiina That's right… I couldn't remember if it was "wafa" or "wafi".

  10. i feel weak with fear after watching this….

  11. vlad Selaru says:

    To be honest i really think about what side i should choose in case this is like this?`cuz who said paroah is evil? maybe only what we think

  12. JILLMOR666 says:

    I dunno what to think anymore I watch plenty of videos on youtube of what is the truth. But how do I know whether each of these videos is corrupting my mind they all say this is the truth but who knows what direction to go in.

  13. Rhapzodic says:

    I just need to know: after watching these series, did it stumble your faith (in any religion)? If it did, then you know that the series is not what is meant for: to keep the faith. I feel that watching these videos makes us question our faith, which is also a key importance for the Devil.

  14. Insha says:

    Maybe you had weak faith to begin with. This never made me question my faith. However, if I was a Christian and worshiped Christ as God, it would make me question my faith.

  15. Rhapzodic says:

    Yes, I am Christian and not Muslim, but I do have an open mind and heart for any religion. Maybe my faith is weak to begin with but even faith sized of a mustard seed is enough to move mountains according to Jesus in the Bible.

  16. I disagree. It seems to me that the theme is to reject that which you believe to be evil. I don't follow your reasoning. There IS a lot of ancient religious imagery permeated in modern culture. The Egyptians were a brilliant civilization, but most agree their religion was of a darker nature.

    That being said, I love Egyptian architecture. I live there. 🙂

  17. Rhapzodic says:

    I'm just mirroring what I was taught through Christian beliefs. I try not to incorporate bias as I believe every religion serves as an importance in the end. If you are a Christian and seeing the video made you doubt your faith, then obviously its NOT good for you. How do you not understand my reasoning? It's….common sense?

  18. rein raxor says:

    Assalamualaikum. Great video. Do you know that we have such pharoah building in Malaysia too. Google Sunway Pyramid. 

  19. Cy Rusty says:

    @polly syeda khanom Probably cos you need to smoke a big phat joint to truly understand the rest after 4:20

  20. yes, you are catching that which the more common "truthers" miss entirely. i know what these videos are talking about and yes, this is correct even in the small bits of information shown.

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