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This series explores the revelations of the religions of the world with regard to the arrival of the Antichrist Dajjal , Imam Al – Mahdi , and The second Coming of Isa ( AS ) .


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  1. the symbology is compelling. the conclusions about how people should submit to an invisible god are not so much.

  2. asu lovesya says:

    noreagaaa and achernahr you guys are doing great mashaallah but please be careful … i noe dis may sound funny but now you put dis out there they are gonna find you …. may allah swt the great be with you good luck.

  3. thanks PassDaMessage 🙂

  4. what a load of crap… Watch the Ring of Power Empier Of the City much more useful… this stuff is trying to turn you towards islam as the Answer to the NWO.. Not the Answer because islam as a NWO planned too.. Time to get rid of Religion…

  5. BenOzGlass says:

    I think you are a good advertiser for a dead movement {satanism}. I hear more about satan from christians/Muslims and such , than I would ever hear or see otherwise. I know satanists , and they dont talk about it at all. It is personal for them and sort of a joke, like they would admit their lives are jokes because they gave up on themselves a long time ago. . Satanism and the occult is just a formality. and to prank OCD weirdoes like maybe you are.

  6. BenOzGlass says:

    It is a thrill to think that you are one of GOD's people. It is also fun to think that you have important information to share. We are psychological beings. Numbers are a way of organizing our thoughts. 2 suspicious things about the 911 bombings are that the owner of the buildings bought insurance about a year or less before the attack, and fact 2 is that there are 11ish buildings in the compound and a couple others fell to the ground due to what I would consider a trash can fire.

  7. BenOzGlass says:

    I live in God's perfect will and I am protected in that. I am convinced that no person can win if they lie or cheat in battle. Some of the Free Masons think that they can lie their way to the top, but we all know that there is no honor in that. Only the honorable will absolutely win control. We are only in a season of "this and that". It has been a code of warriors for eternity to be honorable and therefore the "evildoers" have no future.

  8. BenOzGlass says:

    Not to mention that this is God's battle. The war is not ours. This is an illusion to attempt to make us forget God and be fearful. I have been taught that fear is a sin. Those of us that know the truth are just waiting for the rest of the earth to wake up to a type of clarity and understanding that God wants for us. Maybe the shock of the wars and dumb politics will mature the world. I live my life happy to die in any moment, and I am positive I will live forever in God's perfect will.

  9. areeb usama says:

    @mizchocolatey Remeber Allah Azza Wajjal states in the Glorious Qur'aan that "Even if the whole world got together to benefit you, the COULD NOT. unless Allah Azza Wajjal wanted that foryou, And "if the world got together to benefit you they COULD NOT2 unless Allah Azza Wajjal wanted to bring it upon you. Furthermore harm only comes to those who are weak in they Emaan likes of me thus pray for me my brothers.Wslm

  10. areeb usama says:

    @BenOzGlass Inshallah, but we need to ascertain which one of the 72 sects of Islam we follow, and then may Allah Azza Wajjal grant us such perfect life and beings in the Akhira, inshallah.

  11. asu lovesya says:

    i agree allah (swt) is all-seeing and all mighty ….inshallah on the day of resserection they will be judged for the actions and believe me they WILL regret bieng a mason.

  12. Chiller Aki says:

    no ur a load of crap, time to get rid of u

  13. n00bOwnZ says:


  14. Laila S. says:

    Opened my eyes 🙂

  15. anyone who believes in any of this is living in a fool's paradise – look within the self for principles of truth and the right way to live – not to mouldy old books, rituals or traditions handed down from tribal times. belief is the opposite of reason and smothers the powers of intuition that everyone is born with.

  16. I wasted 8 hours from my life just to hear the most stupid opinion of the world!

  17. Why? where did religion contributed to the advance of the human kind?

  18. If the target was the Gate and the star so it was good to destroy them! :Q

  19. muslims reject the fact of history. they reject that it was Asa'd Abu Karb in the 3rd century AD, Leader of the Khuzza'h tribe from Yemeni who migrated to Makkah, who erected the Ka'abah temple! The Khuzza'h tribe became the forfather of the Qurayish Tribe, Muhammads family tribe. These pagan moon & star worshippers bowed down to the kaabah as their fathers before them, but they never bannished non-muslims and claimed it to be built by Abraham/Ismail and being holy-before Muhammad corrupted the image of the true Ka'abah.

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