Arrivals Reloaded ( English ) Part 6 ( 3 of 4 )


Arrivals Reloaded Part 6 ( English ) * Standard Definition * This is the sixth part of the recreated version of arrivals . Air Date : March 28, 2010 Channel: …


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  1. ArrivalsHD says:

    @gangrelated12345 exactly what i thought when i watched this part

  2. kaioshy says:

    The Pope is the high priest of satan and politics is his religion. Stupidity is the religion of the ignorant masses.

  3. t10parwani says:

    Truth will prevail… Keep ur salah's brother n sisters..

  4. thanks uploader 🙂

  5. A LAWYER wears a square black hat, when he GRADUATES, yes ?

    It is TILTED, yes ?

    On the chess board of life, those who represnt "satan" (his ADVOCATES), hide beneath the black squares, and SNATCH upwards, at the feet of those who walk exposed, in the daylight.

    So, those who live in darkness, strike at the heel of man (like SNAKES).

    This is why the law is so crooked, as to ALWAYS demand money, from all the innocents, and ALWAYS accept the word of the satanic policemen (ginne).


  6. When she says PRE DATES RELIGION, ask yourself – WHAT PRE DATED RELIGION ????

    God, Satan, and the sins of Man !!!

  7. Vmancanada1 says:

    This is a cool documentary. You mother fuckers you. They call those who dont the party line anti social. 2 mins of fame on this plantet in exchange for an eternity of hell.Madonna you dirty bitch and all of you, get thee behind me Satin.Dirty rats. I would rather die namelss, with my reputation in tatters, then to reject our creator. This explains so much of my own personal trials and tribulations in life and the medicated generation we have produced.Aint nothin wrong with us, problem out there

  8. Vmancanada1 says:

    Beautiful documentary, yet it is still part of the problem. It is part of the polar dichotomy of the mind. It is great as a revelation, yet I say again with major errors, it does reveal the truth of our western consumer condition. It can be very beneficial to help sick minds truly understand what is eating them, yet it is not constructive in recognising that we are all at fault. coolective conscious……V

  9. maradona951 says:

    Fuck the illuminati, their faces will be blackened on the day of judgement. allahu akbar

  10. 2WorldWar2 says:

    do not fear them. there is no need. as that guy said God created them, so fear God. i can only imagine the fear that the illuminati feel…knowing that they betrayed God and that their temporary life will end and when it does they will come face to face with God, and they will be at the mercy of the one they have betrayed

  11. evadidio says:

    @llOoXxACExXoOllAS "if satanists were so powerful, and even more americans, they have like 1000+ nuke bombs, why the fuck they won't use it??? i mean if i can blow the world in like 10 secs why do i need satan?"

    Maybe because if u blow up your slaves, then u have to work and cannot go anymore on perennial holiday in Bermudas all the year?

  12. @llOoXxACExXoOllAS Moron cuz they want people's soul and do really bad if they kill whole world how the hell they gonna get recruits like ur dumb ass u freaking idiots that's why they not blowing it up and gods most merciful everyone would become a martyr

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