Arrivals Reloaded ( English ) Part 8 ( 1 of 3 )


Arrivals Reloaded Part 8 ( English ) * Standard Definition * This is the eighth part of the recreated version of arrivals . Air Date : April 11, 2010 Channel: …


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  1. JDubyaPDX says:

    Jazak Allahu Khair!!

  2. JDubyaPDX says:

    Jazak Allahu Khair!!

  3. Nice done!! where is part 9 bro?

  4. ArrivalsHD says:

    @MrKilluminati777 Part 9 will air on the 18th of April as soon as i record it i will render it in hd and upload should be fully on youtube by the 19th of april. : )

  5. PeterXavier1 says:

    i think people should wake up

  6. farangi123 says:

    today is May 5 …and there is no part 9

  7. ArrivalsHD says:

    @farangi123 there is click on my channel i uploaded part 9 awhile ago

  8. friendlyamir says:

    why these parts are not been uploaded in urdu ?

  9. beyza abdul says:

    this is my understanding of the universe.the system desires that we become slaves to their agenda and in doing so at the same time we are slaves to the dajjal(anti christ).once you know, you are no longer part of that system as you are awake.but Islam and Quran has told us this 1400 years ago..that the world is amere elusion, dont be a slave to it. Embrace your religion and love God, and dont let go as that is what will free you from slavery in this world and hell fire in theother.

  10. elnakhelnakh says:

    Indeed we hv no any word to say 4 havn ourself in a Islam rather than to say,SUBHANA KALLA HUMMA WA BI HAMDIKA ASHADU AN LAILA HA ILLA

  11. Vmancanada1 says:

    Y ou for me you are all a bunch of cowards. You might ignorantly blow yourselves up for some buillshit holly caue but what does that ultimately accomplish. You people are even worse slaves then westerners being corrupted by your own religion. So wake the fuck up all of you and let us collectively fight this war.

  12. Don Haze says:

    only one thing i have to disagree with in this whole series, drugs such as marijuana and other sacrements should not be frowned upon

  13. inshallah the zuhoor of the mahdi is near. pray for it.

  14. bpm9595 says:

    Like for the royksopp

  15. JKRguc says:


  16. JKRguc says:

    @UnknownGirl154 it's called White mother of the universe – Oliver shanti

  17. JKRguc says:

    @RonaldoMaxiMillion white mother of the universe – Oliver Shanti

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