Arrivals Reloaded ( English ) Part 9 ( 1 of 4 )


Arrivals Reloaded Part 9 ( English ) * Standard Definition * This is the ninth part of the recreated version of arrivals . Air Date : April 18, 2010 Channel: Ary …


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  1. Pua8 says:

    jazakAllahu khayran akhi, whats the name of the brother giving this great speech?

  2. thanks uploader 🙂

  3. I must say, the more i study "evolution", the less i believe it.

    The mor eyou study it, the mor eholes it has – the less believable it is. And yet, the new £1 coin has a picture of DARWIN, and an ape, on it ! As if to say "it is true – you are an ape".

    I am no ape, and i am sad to see that the majority of people who agree with me are muslims, hindus, and the like.

    Only aggressive athiests, liek the chinese, and those in west who call themselves christians, but are not, agree with evolution.

  4. Akuma31er says:


    yes but you can do something about it spread the truth and do something good and inshallah you will get your reward

  5. xChillDude says:

    You should be happy about the company that agrees with you, and sad about the rest of the world that can't open their eyes to the beauty and reality of what our purpose is, and who our ultimate provider is!

  6. KindHeart says:

    Allah is truth love beauty justice
    The brother who was giving the speech was amazing! Keep doing what ur doing

  7. Zukhata says:

    i wonder if comments are screened.

  8. Zukhata says:

    lol creation is complete bullshit

  9. San GG says:

    trust me brothers and sister though to the non muslims. Islam is the only beautiful way to peace and know the ONE Almighty God the Most Merciful Allah!

  10. Feroz Khan says:

    The Big Bang is an established scientific fact! Which world are you in? Do some research. This is exactly what makes it so fascinating. From our observation, we have not known of any tornado or any kind of explosion to result in any kind of order rather results in chaos..but careful calculations were done through observations which lead to the Big Bang, the beginning of the universe that we exist in, which shows that this fine tuned universe resulted from that enormous explosion. Research please

  11. and that same big bang was mentioned in the quran

  12. We are not god because we are limited.And also we can die.So something that can die is not GOD.

  13. There is no God but ALLAH and prophet Muhammad is the last and the final Messenger of GOD.In a long line of messengers which included Jesus,Moses,Abraham,Lot,Adam and thousands of others(Peace be upon them all)

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