Assassinated by the Illuminati ? Documentary for WOLVOMAN80


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  1. CLA UDIU says:

    your chruch murdered 50 million christians

    when it did so it fulfilled the prophecy

    the harlot was drunk with the blood of the saints

    your church uses the same occult symbolism the illuminati uses

    infact it forces the same agenda they the illuminati are forcing

    because your church and its jesuits are the illuminati

    and your pope is the position of the anti christ

    thats why he turns his face from confronting the gays

    because he is the lawless one which paul warned us about

  2. gene546 says:

    your lies are obvious, bring about credible sources to sustain your wicked arguments against the only Church Christ founded. As for Paul he said that the "pillar of the Truth is the Church" and not the scriptures.

  3. CLA UDIU says:

    the lord jesus had nothing to do with your counterfit pagan apostate blasphemoues harlot murderours lying abusive church

    it was satan who instituted you

    it would explain the idols in your church
    it would explain the history of blood on your hands
    your church even invented torture chambers to torture people
    how dare you claim this is christs church

    who else but you was christ warning about
    when he told us the harlot sits on the seven mountain tops which is rome

  4. gene546 says:

    you accusations against the Church are those of the vipers and snakes because as it happened to you it happened to all those who by their hate curse the Church. Bring about credible sources of your false testimony, make reliable your venom because; it most probably that same venom will poison entirely your soul which is in the hands of the deceiver.

  5. CLA UDIU says:

    you haven't responded to any of the prophecies which exp the catholic church as the harlot

    tell me which other church murdered 50 million christians

    and resides in rome decorates herself with purple and gold and commits evil with world politicians all through the ages

    infact in rev 18 God says come out of her my people for im about to destroy her for her sins

    did you catch that

    that says he has his Christians within this church

    therefore this is proof that this church is titled as christia

  6. gene546 says:

    man, your low minded attitude amazed me, your exegesis is worst then that of a analphabet. Am talking about the bible, that Holy Mother Church gave to the Western World. And to be honest, I don't know what is exactly your point as other than your hate for everything Catholic? You like your brothers in the bible are but a bunch of blind people with a heart against yourselves for love does not dwell in you. So, the bible talked to you promising life eternal right?

  7. rObin heart says:

    Since HOLOGRAMS been in existance, people (hackers and those with vivid imaginations with bad intentions to inflict fear and other elements into our minds) have been using this technology to create such things as UFOs and creatures, ghosts and goblins, etc.  It has been possible to project these HOLOGRAMS anywhere on the planet, anytime of day or night since sattelites been setup.  We are being fooled the same way as like watching a movie!  So for you all that are reading this, believe what you like but I am suggesting you relax, enjoy life, invite the Holy Spirit into your lives. Enjoy the TRUTH and PEACE to all.

  8. Dannunaki says:

    The P2 Masonic Lodge.

  9. Dannunaki says:

    The Jesuits the Knights of Malta and the Masons are all varying branches of the Illuminati. The Swiss Branch is the Knights of Malta. The German Branch of the Bavarian Illuminati is most likely centered around the Knights of Saint John or the Teutonics. The English and French Branch is the Masons. The Spanish and Italian branches are the Jesuits. The name of the Society of Jesus before it was the Society of Jesus, was the Spanish Illuminati. Headed by Ignatius Loyola the first BLACK POPE. The last 2 Black Popes were Peter Von Kolvenbach and Adolfo Nicolas.

  10. These people all had something in common"they spoke out against the illuminati/secret societies".so it is&always will be evident these people were murdered &theyre blood is on the peoples hands for not bringing justice for their deaths.even you smart clever i know it all degree graduated barstool pukes are to blame for refuting the obvious&proven facts.these motherfuckers have been murdering for years and getting away with it."WE HUMANS ARE A PLAGUE"!!!!!!!

  11. the MEJ says:

    It's an "Illuminating" video, but I became so depressed watching the video archived dead bodies of such illustrious and beautiful people—although the deaths of many women have been omitted, as usual "history" and all heros are portrayed as the men who create society, which in itself is part of the Illuminati plot to outcast women into inferior roles where their contributions to society and their demise through the underhanded means is likewise omitted from public consciousness. For one, I would like to add the mysterious death of feminist/lesbian Andrea Dworkin to the list, she was poisoned (I believe) and bloated up from he poisoning, now on her websites her adversaries (who I also believe are part of the enormous Illuminati scandal-mongerers) call her "fat" and "ugly" and not screwable–which is the tantamount characteristic of womanhood the Illuminati want women to be at–just sex objects. Maybe it's time all these men who put out these videos to expose the truth included women who also have been quelled by "The Illuminati".

  12. 786 Hon Ppl i swear by ALLAH, a taste of physical death is when U become alive eternally to receive rewards or punishments 4 deeds on Earth. By ALLAH i swear, if U have sold your soul to Satan, U can redeem it by denouncing Satan & submitting to ALLAH in 12 Imams Shia Islam…  Hon Ppl USA's Christian history is not 1 that is to be glorified so change loyalty from Jesus to ALLAH 2b 4given.

  13. the gator says:

    She was killed by her drunk body guard,don't let your body guard drink and drive you!

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