Astana ( satana) the capital of new world order




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  1. Zach Barlow says:

    if you took all this bs and applied it to school or work just imagine how successful you'd be

  2. Bro Brian says:

    Everything was cool until it started bringing up jesus christ, lord and savior crap. Yet another person riding on the coat tails of a mythological supreme being.

  3. Kathy C says:

    It's hard to follow someone who can't say the city or the country correctly. Do you see "i"s anywhere in either name?

  4. teymoor Lod says:

    Antichrist & Satan Architecture ( A STAN A)

  5. teymoor Lod says:

    also there is God hand . God hand….. God is shapless and formless . he is light and how he can has hand like human…?????? we know Antichrist will claim to be a god …………;)

  6. teymoor Lod says:

    Agreed …. They use symbolic language.

  7. this video is made by ill-minded person for un-educated average americans, who knows little to believe those fables ?. frankly speaking, the video-maker should educate and learn history of Kazakhstan first. Astana is the great city with friendly people. We have Sinagoge, Orthodox Churches, Catholic churches, Mosques. Kazakhs are tolerant to all religions. Baiterek – is the Tree from Kazakh stories, not from Masonic (so, he says nonsence). EDUCATE

  8. schae lakhan says:

    good video… thanks for the information

  9. author suck dick ugly down fuck you stupid troll

  10. all religion or spiritual org or cult etc… just fight each other trough the history use your mind to validate do not believe anything blindly.Humanity finally ,will learn respect and accept each other .

  11. Kid Prophecy says:

    sun and moon worship is almost every religions base. Son Of God is the sun its all astrology. Its not lucifer worship lol. neither are right but your wrong.

  12. gubka bob KZ says:

    LOL )))))))))))))))))

  13. Hidden says:

    this is the funniest bullshit ive seen abt KZ. i guess this video has been made to atract more tourists or something

  14. Elie Klein says:

    This place is definitely in my bucket list!

  15. milk man says:

    quit thinking they're some evil city. the city has amazing architecture. far ahead of any other city on the globe. and this religion crap needs to stop. it's delusional.

  16. milk man says:

    there is no such thing as satan. why would god create a force of evil to fight itself?

  17. alfense60 says:

    There is also build a big container terminal

  18. Linda Taylor says:

    Proof we are in the last days prophesied in scripture. Can you believe the futuristic design of Kazakhstan? And America thinks we are so much more advanced than the rest of the world. "ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, RELIGION, AND MONETARY SYSTEM", Get ready, here we go!

  19. Vagabond 007 says:

    oo wow this is KJ from thescariestmovieever lol good work as usual man Praise God!

  20. christianity is a cult

  21. Daebak69 says:

    This video and the others like it are nothing but superstitious bullshit. This bullshit is pure and unadulterated, the product of clinical paranoia. Naturally this idiot drags in the Bible, using it as food for his paranoia.

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