“ASTONISHING” UFO Clip Released By Chilean Navy! 1/6/17


Source: https://goo.gl/9Evx85
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Intro Audio: Spellbound by Kevin Macleod
Outro Audio: “Darkish Entice” by rh_new music — www.Pond5.com

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44 Responses

  1. Stormy Girl says:

    1:47. Looks like a drone. But the discharge just pisses me off. What are the dumping on people???!!!!!!

  2. posibilities are endless ,the object is likely tracking northward but at a great distance ,so distortion is likely ,but then again who knows .

  3. Will Bloom says:

    Yes it's a UFO – The U is the most important letter. Unidentified. Alien origin? That's another thing. It's a mistake to make UFO synonymous with alien origin. Unidentified means unidentified. Look up unidentified in a thesaurus. There is no mention of alien or extra terrestrial.

  4. This was an amazing video, thanks for sharing!

  5. It's hard for people, including myself, to acknowledge certain things simply because our brain tries to automatically make them into things we know of. I do my best to keep an open mind. People don't like to admit that governments are not looking out for our best interests in keeping things like this hidden (in the US), but people are starting to wake up an realize these things are happening and becoming more frequent.

  6. 4:50 That UFO is just like my ex girlfriend

  7. Next generation chemtrails

  8. why is it always about aliens… maybe it's time travelers who perfected that type of technology.

  9. Chaos1 One says:

    lol hopefully the real deal

  10. Chaos1 One says:

    Massive fart Chemical trail ?

  11. Migglemore says:

    Aliens causing global warming?

  12. Craig S says:

    the French government said that this was a twin-engine jet and I'm a living hamburger popsicle

  13. Craig S says:

    I heard this on ground zero with Clyde Lewis if you like UFO and other Supernatural conspiracies listen to Ground Zero

  14. First one is a drone

  15. Jeff Morales says:

    Tyler. I have been watching your clips for about a month now. I find them quite compelling and absolutely astonishing. You have opened my eyes to realities I have rarely considered. Please keep up the good work. Your efforts at spreading the word on aliens in our midst and up in our atmosphere and in low Earth orbit should very well continue. Thanks.

  16. 1:38
    You're killing me with that chinook.

  17. Qtie Namjoon says:

    are they from future ?

  18. Thijmen Kuik says:

    Why don't they just fucking tell us.

  19. Joshua Bacon says:

    Rob Stuart just to prove I know what it is I went change the cover picture and I show what it is wanted to prove a point

  20. Joshua Bacon says:

    zuluknob just to prove to you I know what it is go look I changed the cover picture I show what it is just to prove a point to you

  21. USAF black aircraft most likely.

  22. xtremevita - says:

    one alien looks at the other and says. The shitters were full.

  23. MrMapleBar says:

    Probably to warm us up to the idea of aliens so when the rapture happens they can blame them

  24. Marksman2oo7 says:

    What interests me about these cases is that military pilots are VERY qualified. If they don't know what is in the skies with them then who does?

  25. Kris Ocean says:

    surely any 'futuristic alien device or vehicle' would be using such advanced anti-gravity engineering, waste/exhaust/fumes would not be created by such a device, making this more than likely to be a government trial flight.

    Also, note- why would any Navy Captain after filming for all this time, not try and get closer to the ufo for closer inspection. that's a big part of their job, so why would they miss out and not carry out in realoty, the main aspect of their daily routines.

    seems like a cover up for their own government tests. after all, if civilian spectators whiteness this object, then at least the navy can say they saw it too, and pretend to not know what it is.

    tgis may be a very basic one to work out on this occasion, so it seems.

  26. To say that object is "obviously not from earth" is very ignorant.

  27. Nonya Bizwax says:

    where are the air samples

  28. like si eres de chile

  29. m134 ha says:

    what about the video from the roswell crash,that was removed,it was in Spanish,and it was removed and uploaded many times,no one talks about that!

  30. Prolly Bigfoot piloted it.

  31. Wassn Soun says:

    Hey Tyler. How's it going? I was thinking maybe it's in a process of altering the weather condition? As they said, type 2 or 3 could change/manipulated weather. So it could be artificial weather activity. The thin long cloud wasn't there before either. Just throwing it out there. Because some place will be having strange, cool looking clouds like it's unnatural idk lol Anyways, I enjoy and appreciate your work. Have a great one.

  32. Lindsay Ryan says:

    i'm the director of ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP and I say that this is a flying butt.

  33. Lindsay Ryan says:

    I still think it looks like a flying butt

  34. nm fam says:

    alien poop….seriously space type ppl…why?..go dump your crap on a different planet asshats

  35. Come on guys that's just Gru heading to the filming of Despicable Me 3.

  36. Mark Mullen says:

    So drones now create chem-trails? UFO's are as real as the theoretical Van Allen Radiation Belts. Just more nonsense to keep the godless entertained.

  37. Jesus Xrist says:

    That ufo is killing the vape game!

  38. It looks like a binary agent being released… you can see the agents combine.

  39. kishor valji says:

    only if they went next to it

  40. en chile los videos que encuentra las fuerzas armadas son liberados al publico

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